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Belfiore, an irregular ceramic lamp, was established in nove, the center of Veneto in 1968. The company started with the production of handmade ceramics. The region has rich raw materials for ceramic manufacturing, and its long tradition of ceramic manufacturing can be traced back to the 18th century; In addition, the region is also famous for its amazing scenery and rich cultural interests and traditions

in this area with many craftsmen, the company has demonstrated its important innovation mission since its inception, and achieved this mission through the correct selection of materials, coatings and colors

we always adhere to innovation and aim to meet market demand and contemporary development trends. When the company entered the lighting industry in the 1980s, our perseverance became stronger

this is a kind of development and evolution without conflict: Belfiore successfully integrated the production of lighting equipment with the traditional knowledge of craftsmen, and turned it into a new thing

lamps and lanterns have gradually become an important part of the company. In a passionate dialogue, the mature experience of the model manufacturer was integrated with the technology of the lamp design department, so that the product reached a level of design and innovation, which was also constantly developing and advancing

this is the result of unremitting efforts to improve inspiration and commitment: Nowadays, Belfiore has become one of the benchmarks for the quality of Italian export products, both in domestic and international markets





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