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The European style double bed is elegant, soft and comfortable, the gorgeous crystal lamp is magnificent, and the matching curtains are simple and elegant... Every detail of the European style bedroom is extremely beautiful. The following are some bedroom style bedroom decoration renderings collected by Xiaobian for you, which will satisfy your eyes

the concave rectangular ceiling in the bedroom is hung with a cream colored crystal chandelier in the middle, and the ceiling is concave and convex, which is very layered. The European style double bed with silver white metal frame and wine red upholstered backrest is elegant and romantic, the pure white upholstered background wall matches the bed perfectly, and the wine red floor curtain is simple and full of strong classical charm and unique national style

the whole bedroom is mainly in light aqua green, with aqua background wall wallpaper and aqua green European style curtains. The fresh colors bring people a very pleasant feeling. The curtain matching aqua and white hangs down from the ceiling at the head of the bed, adding a bit of romance to the space. The tatami type double bed is extremely simple and elegant. The design of the ceiling is unique. The irregular polygonal depression area in the middle of the ceiling is decorated with a starry night sky, which is really beautiful

the elegant crystal lamp is crystal clear, showing a graceful and quiet temperament. The pure white gauze curtains fall naturally and look light and soft when hung in front of the window. The wallpaper with white patterns and gray background is pasted on the bedside background wall, adding a stable style to the bedroom. The modern and simple European style double bed is low-key and elegant. The sliding door wardrobe near the wall has various functions, which solves the indoor storage problem





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