Different decorative styles of Molike curtain home

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Your life is determined by you. You want curtains with different styles to decorate your home and adapt to the tastes of people at different levels. Molike curtains have a variety of series for you to choose from to create your colorful home life

the fashionable and simple style brings people a comfortable life, natural but not cumbersome, simple but not cumbersome, full of fashion, and brings a fresh breath to your home

urban leisure series

the curtain of this series pays attention to fine texture in technology, so the fabric is smooth, smooth and glossy. In terms of design, it pays attention to fashion personality, and its simple and fashionable style brings people an uninhibited feeling

there are not too many colors, simple and modern, which makes your home full of flexibility and elegance

fashion element series

the curtain of this series pays attention to smooth luster in technology, and uses shrink Silk raw materials, so the fabric feels strong and feels good. The design pays attention to natural life. In addition to the soft and delicate texture of the fabric and non pilling, there are various flocking and embroidery on the curtain, which is full of natural flavor

simple style series

in addition to the smooth luster in the process, this series of curtains also pay attention to simplicity and lightness in the design. Its flocking lines are simple, and the embroidery patterns are beautiful and bright. Coupled with a relatively simple color system, it gives people a simple and bright feeling

the pure white color coupled with rose red gives people a romantic feeling like a princess

Natural Poetry Series

this series of curtains pays attention to the delicate texture in the process, and at the same time, it injects simplicity and nature into the design. Using the pastoral broken flower process, every corner is permeated with the intoxicating fragrance of flowers and filled with the emotion of nature

a variety of curtains with different styles are in Molike, with romantic feelings lingering in it, bringing people a fresh air, lighting up the candle light of life, and the scenery of different lives is bright and beautiful





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