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Happy to learn, happy to share - experience sharing meeting of Zhejiang Cohen marketing department

Cohen news: many joys in life are shared. Employees who know how to share won't be alone on the road to success. Sharing makes you and I no longer fight alone, condenses the warmth and strength of the team, and advances towards our dreams

the marketing department of Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance is a united, happy, passionate and grateful team. On the afternoon of October 19, after participating in the foreign industry alliance activity of Yizheng, Minister Qin made a wonderful share on how to hold a successful foreign industry alliance

minister Qin believes that holding a successful alliance requires sufficient preparation in the early stage, work coordination among colleagues and policy support from a third party. The water storage in the early stage of the event is the premise to ensure the successful implementation of the event. During the event, it is also necessary to ensure that the on-site personnel are arranged in place and the division of labor is clear. Finally, the key is the execution of the third party, and a good third party is the guarantee for the success of the event

in addition, through this activity, director Qin emphasized the importance of "learning to be grateful" for dealers, especially those dealers with excellent store image shopping guidance business ability. Combined with the company's latest "dynamic sales system", learning to "be grateful to customers" will be more conducive to the continuous transaction and expansion of terminal sales in the later stage. "Of course, no matter as a service terminal dealer or as a regional manager, what we need to do is not only to ask ourselves to achieve sales volume, but also to find out our own positioning and goals while promoting the work. Here, we particularly want to thank those excellent dealers who have followed Cohen for many years for their persistence, intention and efforts to do a good job, so that everyone can be self-centered in their usual contacts Rapid improvement and growth. " Qin shared





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