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According to the Xinjiang light industry management office, on June 10, Xinjiang light industry bank, together with Xinjiang Technical Supervision Bureau, Department of agriculture, Xinjiang Plastics Association and other institutions, held a symposium on the formulation of agricultural film standards. The meeting solicited opinions and suggestions from relevant enterprises and government functional departments on the formulation of polyethylene agricultural film standards in Xinjiang, the necessity of promoting degradable plastic film, and the recycling of waste plastic film

it is reported that the meeting reached three consensuses: first, the polyethylene agricultural film must develop mandatory standards with increased thickness and strength; Second, due to the immature technology, the degradable mulch film should still be treated with caution. We can strive to support and break new technologies (i.e. continuous jaw, in jaw, parallel section or out of gauge) and new materials as soon as possible by increasing the active cooperation of industry, University and Research Institute in the experiment; Third, the recycling of agricultural plastic film should focus on the construction of recycling network and the research and development of recycling mechanization

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