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Yangzhou passed the first movable type printing standard in China

Yangzhou movable type printing technology local standard, which was officially approved by experts. It is reported that this is the only local standard for movable type printing technology in China, and it is also another innovation of Yangzhou Guangling ancient book printing society after the first tailor-made standard for engraving printing technology of world heritage projects in China at the end of last year

movable type printing is an outstanding contribution of China to the development of world civilization. According to literature records, movable type printing was invented by Bisheng in the Qingli period of the Northern Song Dynasty. It has been more than 1000 years. Movable type printing refers to the method of printing a single Chinese character anti image character made of mud, wood, tin and other materials, which is put into a disc to form a page according to the manuscript to be printed

Yangzhou was an important printing town in ancient China. Movable type printing was developed in Yangzhou in the Qing Dynasty. The straight hydraulic cylinder was placed horizontally until the end of the Qing Dynasty. There were many movable type printers around Yangzhou, with complete writers, engravers, printers and binders. The existing historical materials prove that the earliest movable type printing book in Yangzhou was the decree of Zhu PI (360 volumes in total) during the reign of Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty. Since the 1960s, Yangzhou Guangling ancient books have been equipped with a set of e-system 5 enhanced resin raw material metering equipment. The printing society has successively used movable type printing to repair more than 50 thread bound books such as shuguzhai series and Siming series, and produced and published movable type books such as 67 poems of Mao Zedong (clay) Sun Tzu's art of War (wood), the Analects of Confucius (bronze), Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching (TIN), and 300 Tang Poems (a comprehensive version of wood mud, copper, tin and porcelain characters)

the reviewed Yangzhou local standard for movable type printing technology includes clay movable type and wood movable type, which provides a normative text overview from the aspects of movable type production, typesetting, fixed type printing, binding and so on

shiyulin, a member of the evaluation expert group and deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, said that the adoption of Yangzhou local standards for movable type printing and block printing techniques, with Yangzhou Guangling ancient book printing society as the main body, has laid a solid foundation for the application of provincial, national and even world-class standards, contributed to the inheritance and development of traditional skills, and promoted the in-depth development of the city's cultural undertakings and cultural industries

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