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Guanxiyou: Internet thinking produces machine tools

recently, at the fourth session of the 12th National People's Congress of Liaoning Province, guanxiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, said in an interview after the group discussion that this year's government work report is different from previous years, facing the revitalization of the northeast and the revitalization of the northeast again. When industry 4.0 became a new term discussed by the industry, academia and media, the capital market with a keen sense of smell first captured business opportunities. Professionals analyzed that the i5 strategy of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., which is used to transform the pull signal into electrical signal, has gained multiple recognition due to the popularity of the concept of industry 4.0, and raised expectations for its future

so what is industry 4.0? What is the i5 strategy? Under the background of a new round of rapid and steady development of Northeast China, what reference version can Shenyang machine tool provide for manufacturing in Shenyang and even manufacturing in China

at the fourth session of the 12th National People's Congress of Liaoning Province a few days ago, guanxiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, said in an interview after the group discussion that this year's government work report is different from previous years. It faces the revitalization of the northeast and the revitalization of the northeast again

government and enterprises under industry 4.0

guanxiyou has unique views on industry 4.0. He believes that the profound meaning of industry 4.0 is the emergence of new economy and new rules

guanxiyou spent three years studying the history of the world economy. He said that each economic cycle of the first industrial revolution and the second industrial revolution was due to the emergence of new technologies and new ways. Nowadays, German industry 4.0 is an intelligent manufacturing equipment system based on the network environment, that is, all things must become intelligent terminals, such as cars, houses, machines and equipment

industry 4.0 is the revolution of equipment manufacturing industry, which is the opportunity for the development of Liaoning. Early in the 18th morning, the party clearly pointed out the relationship between the government and the market, and the government should let go

guanxiyou believes that the structural problems in Liaoning are too heavy and too light. He further explained that in the past, the hardware foundation was plant and equipment, but there was no soft power. To develop Liaoning, we must find the soul of Liaoning, that is, soft power. Soft power is the ability to control equipment based on modern information technology, which is a strategic technology and should be cultivated

Shenyang Machine Tool timely grasped the opportunity of industry 4.0, and the capital market saw that Shenyang machine tool was leading the world trend, so it was only in one month that the performance of Shenyang Machine Tool increased by 7.6 billion yuan

Shenyang machine tool has completely entered the era of innovation and development. There are four elements to measure whether it is an era of innovation and development. The first is to generate a new inspiration and perception from insight into the consumption behavior of all people. The second is that entrepreneurs become real adventurers. Third, it must bring about the reorganization of social resources. The fourth is to stimulate new demand. These four elements are indispensable, and innovation is the existence of these four activities

Guan Xiyou believes that by 2020, the global economy will recover. The foundation of this recovery is intelligent manufacturing. If domestic enterprises fail to catch up with this recovery, they will fall behind by another hundred years. This is by no means alarmist

in the new media era, both the government and enterprises have to change their focus of work. They should give full play to their own advantages and expertise. Now Liaoning's basic advantage is still the equipment manufacturing industry, and Shenyang's machine tool industry has both traditional advantages and late development advantages

at present, Liaoning's equipment manufacturing industry is facing a rare opportunity for development. What is most lacking now is soft power. We should further strengthen efforts to realize the close integration of information and industry. Innovative development should not only attach importance to talent construction, but also emphasize the combination of industry and finance. It is suggested to speed up the reform of state-owned enterprises, expand the autonomy of new special experimental machine companies invested by enterprises in the professional consumption of various experimental machine equipment, and implement the spirit of relevant provincial and municipal documents, We will formulate detailed rules for implementation as soon as possible, explore the issue of the shareholding of managerial and scientific and technological talents in high-tech enterprises, try first in the new round of revitalization, and issue relevant policies to retain high-end talents

from a traditional perspective, during the five-year window period, if the transformation is not good, many cities in Northeast China will become the second Detroit. The main body of this innovation transformation is still enterprises. The trust of the government is very important. The system is the relationship between the government and the market. The mechanism is how enterprises adapt to the changes of the market

the leading role of Shenyang machine tools

machine tools are called industrial mother machines, and their development determines the overall level of a country's equipment manufacturing industry. Especially at the moment when made in China is moving towards Chinese intelligent manufacturing and Chinese creation, whether the domestic machine tool industry can take the lead in achieving major breakthroughs is even more significant

as the largest machine tool enterprise in the world, as of december30,2014, the sales revenue of Shenyang Machine Tool reached 16billion yuan. The sales volume is also declining, but the structure is very good. The production of medium and high-end machine tools increased by 49%. Guanxiyou is full of confidence in this. He said that products also have a life cycle, just like flowers blooming and falling, depending on the general direction

in 2014, Shenyang Machine Tool Group implemented three innovations to promote a new round of reform. Under the leadership of guanxiyou, after Shenyang machine tool has invested more than 1.1 billion yuan in R & D for five consecutive years, the i5 CNC System R & D team has successfully overcome the core underlying technologies in the field of motion control, such as CNC Motion Control Technology, digital servo drive technology, real-time digital bus technology, and finally successfully developed the world's first i5 CNC system with network intelligence function in 2012

Once the i5 CNC system was put on the market, it received positive feedback and recognition from the market. In 2013, Shenyang Machine Tool successively signed hundreds of orders with several major customers. From the feedback of customers' on-site use, the intelligent function of i5 CNC system has been highly praised by customers' technology, production and management personnel, reflecting the intelligent products and experience that Shenyang machine tool brings to customers based on independent innovation and Internet technology

before the capital market feast, the i5 strategy has been recognized by the industry. Aiming at the development needs of the global manufacturing industry, more and more enterprises are seeking to become strategic partners to grow hand in hand with Shenyang machine tool. The order of i5 intelligent machine tools quickly exceeded the order of 100 units from 10 units

the core of the shift from manufacturing to creation is based on technological innovation and transcendence. The launch of i5 series intelligent machine tools marks that China's manufacturing industry has achieved technological transcendence over the world's strong players at the arrival of the new industrial revolution. In the new Internet era, i5 series intelligent machine tools will become the mainstream of technology and change the traditional production mode of manufacturing industry. In this regard, Guan Xiyou proudly said that Shenyang machine tool has the confidence and ability to lead the world trend and become the goal followed by others

guanxiyou produces machine tools with interconnected thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials. Just as intelligence changes human life style, i5 series intelligent machine tools, also based on Internet technology, are completely subverting the traditional manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing makes the factory at the fingertips from imagination to reality

at present, the competition in the world is very fierce. The network information age must be unique and reflect value. The uniqueness is good product and mode innovation, which can make people who can't afford it affordable and profitable. This is mode innovation. Therefore, Shenyang machine tool has put forward the combination of industry and finance and the combination of industry and credit, which reflects the new road to industrialization

guanxiyou values the entrepreneurial spirit of risk-taking. He believes that he must pay for the failure of risk-taking. However, failure is the mother of success. He summarizes experience, finds the right direction and continues to move forward. This is what Shenyang machine tool does. In the next few years, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. will take capital and brand management as the core to realize the strategic adjustment of product structure, enterprise structure and business structure, vigorously improve its R & D and market capabilities, and promote the sustainable, positive and healthy development of the enterprise. By 2015, the economic scale exceeded 500. Although the transfer of manufacturing industry to Southeast Asia resulted in a sharp decrease of export orders by billion yuan, of which the main business of machine tools exceeded 30billion yuan, becoming the leader of the world machine tool market

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