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Zhoutiegen, the mayor of Xuzhou City, praised XCMG Brazil's "Brazil in August". The sunshine in winter brings the breath of spring, giving people joy and hope. On August 11, local time, a delegation led by zhoutiegen, mayor of Xuzhou, visited XCMG Brazil, bringing the care and love of Xuzhou municipal Party committee and government. Mayor zhoutiegen earnestly hopes to build XCMG Brazil into a model of China Brazil integration and sustainable development

mayor zhoutiegen and his party were warmly welcomed by the Chinese and Brazilian employees of XCMG group.

mayor zhoutiegen warmly shook hands with everyone and took a group photo as a souvenir.

zhaoxingyou, vice mayor of Xuzhou, TANGJian, mayor of Pizhou, Luchuan, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG machinery, wangyansong, vice president and chairman of XCMG Brazil, cuijisheng, general manager of XCMG Brazil, and others accompanied the inspection

mayor zhoutiegen inspected XCMG Brazil's production site

at the production site, mayor zhoutiegen mainly asked about XCMG Brazil's production efficiency, personnel skills and localization, fully affirmed XCMG Brazil's production capacity and innovation ability, and highly praised the staff skills and localization level

exchange and study

Douglas, the Brazilian director of the process technology department, made a report on the work of the process technology department to mayor Zhou. Mayor Zhou tiegen encouraged the Brazilian foreign employees of XCMG to work hard and give back to XCMG with practical actions. You are welcome to study and exchange in Xuzhou

mayor Zhou listened to the special report of Li cuijisheng, the general manager of XCMG Brazil, but if the market order is not guaranteed

Luchuan, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG, reported the overall operation of XCMG to mayor Zhou

Luchuan, President of XCMG, made a speech at the meeting. President Lu made a speech at the meeting from the aspects of income and profit, market share, production efficiency, inventory receivable and other asset efficiency, product quality and sales quality The operation of XCMG Brazil in the first half of the year was summarized in seven aspects: the construction of local talent team and culture, the mastery and application of laws, regulations and preferential policies, and the construction of high-end domestic and export sales platforms. At the same time, he made a brief report to mayor Zhou on the completion of the overall objectives of XCMG group in the first half of the year. The overall objectives of XCMG group in the first half of the year were more than half of the time, and the "five two two two two two two two two" objectives set by the group at the beginning of the year have been successfully completed. At the same time, Mr. Lu reported on the progress of structural adjustment, including XCMG's traditional three main engines, five new versions, domestic and foreign markets, industrial structure, product structure, management improvement, asset consolidation and other structural optimization

Mr. Lu also pointed out that our internationalization should first be lean and transform to high efficiency, high quality, low cost and low emission; Localize and do a good job in the selection, cultivation and retention of local talents; Pay attention to the operation of capital and capital platform; Our internationalization is comprehensive. We should not only do a good job in the old two rates of "occupancy and profit margin", but also make good use of the new two rates of "exchange rate and tax rate"

at the meeting, mayor zhoutiegen listened to the work report and made work requirements

after listening to the work report, mayor zhoutiegen said that he was very happy to visit XCMG Brazil: first, the manufacturing base of XCMG in Brazil is an important symbol for XCMG to go global. As Xuzhou people and Chinese people, we are proud of it, and XCMG is very proud to take this step. Secondly, I am very glad to see that XCMG Brazil plant has developed step by step, showing a good momentum of development, and achieving a good start with standardized management, production scale, controllable quality and market share. Thirdly, I am very glad to see the good mental state of the Chinese and Brazilian employees in the Brazilian factory, especially the management and technical backbones, which shows that we have confidence in the development of XCMG Brazil, and that our enterprise has strong cohesion and centripetal force, which also gives me the greatest hope of the Brazilian factory. Mayor Zhou emphasized three aspects of XCMG's development: first, XCMG should always be at the forefront and the highest end of construction machinery technology, and support the whole XCMG through technological innovation. Second, we should use the capital market to support XCMG's M & A and restructuring, and become stronger and bigger on the road to world-class and internationalization. Third, we need to work hard to improve the governance structure and the contrast power of the curves of the same group of samples, which is the foundation of XCMG's development

subsequently, mayor Zhou and his delegation, accompanied by wangyansong, vice president of XCMG machinery, went to Brasilia to meet with Ivan, director of the Senate general office, and Paulo, a staff member of the Foreign Affairs Office of the presidential palace. The two sides had an in-depth conversation on the next cooperation. On behalf of the president, the foreign envoy praised XCMG for its persistence and exemplary role in Brazil, and congratulated XCMG on its outstanding position in the development of long-term technical tracking services for customers in the industry

on the same day, mayor Zhou and his delegation also paid a visit to ambassador lijinzhang. Ambassador Li listed the main achievements of XCMG Brazil, was pleased with its perseverance in Brazil's economic difficulties and won a big deal, and gave his approval to XCMG's party building activities in Brazil consistent with those in China. (this article is from XCMG)

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