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Xtools' 8th Anniversary appreciation meeting - news from ctiforum of Shanghai railway station on September 21 (Yang Yi): on the occasion of xtools' 8th anniversary in 2012, xtools held a grand customer appreciation meeting in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, especially to thank the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise customers for their long-term support and encouragement to xtools. Over the past eight years, xtools has experienced twists and turns and struggled to move forward in the game between tradition and Internet software. However, the loyal users' persistence in xtools has given xtools the greatest motivation and belief to make the best CRM for customers in China

xtools has carefully prepared for this eighth anniversary customer appreciation meeting. The appreciation meeting will be grandly held at Minyue Hotel Shanghai on September 26, 2012. At that time, xtools will invite not only local users in Shanghai, but also users around Shanghai to participate in the event. The thank you meeting at Shanghai station will be the last stop of the thank you meeting for xtools' eighth anniversary. As a final stop, xtools will certainly not let users go home empty handed. In the thank you meeting in Shanghai, xtools brought users multiple big gifts, including a large number of awards such as LCD TV, iPad, home appliances and recharge cards, as well as CRM experience and training. In addition, Dr. Kunshan Gan, a star entrepreneur in Jiangsu, Jin Song, was present, Share with you how to use the information tool CRM to manage and support the operation of enterprises in the information age

Dr. Kunshan Gan's non-destructive testing has attracted much attention in the industry for the contribution of enterprise level large-scale equipment moisture-proof boxes. One of the few national level specialized enterprises in moisture-proof boxes in China can use information platforms and tools in the process of enterprise transformation. At the same time, various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS can be customized according to the domestic and international standards provided by users, so as to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and become a benchmark enterprise for moisture-proof boxes. Jin Song is a model of the post-80s entrepreneurs. He has used the post-80s' perspective on the market environment and social environment to operate the enterprise and achieved success. As a new generation of entrepreneurship connecting the preceding and the following, president Jin will bring a unique business philosophy

in addition to bringing surprises to users who have always supported xtools for eight years, xtools hopes to establish a platform to realize face-to-face communication between service providers and users in the Internet environment. Under the previous SAAS and cloud computing modes, all communication and transactions. 3. Dual digital display spring tension and compression testing machines are completed through instant messaging and video conferencing, Many users are curious about xtools CRM, an Internet company, and xtools also believes that face-to-face communication with customers will more effectively strengthen their understanding with customers. Therefore, xtools is also trying to materialize the Internet company through the way of appreciation meeting, giving customers a more real experience and strengthening trust between them

the thank you meeting at Shanghai railway station coincided with a special festival, a rare day when China's Mid Autumn Festival and the national day double festival came together. Xtools just coincided with the long holiday to send blessings to users in advance and celebrate the arrival of the festival in advance. Xtools created a relaxed and comfortable Conference environment, so that users who worked hard for more than half a year would no longer feel tired and anxious about attending board meetings, so that users could relax in advance, Prepare for the long holiday

xtools is wholeheartedly preparing for more offline communication, more sincere and enthusiastic service, and more pure appreciation and feedback. At the xtools customer appreciation meeting in Shanghai, xtools CRM is ready for everything. It is welcome at Minyue hotel in Shanghai and presents xtools' sincere gratitude for discovering that the hardness of new materials has reached 9h for eight years

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