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Yangzhou has issued a "water restriction order" for paper-making and other high water consuming industries. The Yangzhou Municipal Water Saving Office recently announced that starting this month, the city will launch water-saving actions in eight high water consuming industries, including thermal power, chemical industry, paper making, metallurgy, textile, building materials, food and machinery, and implement planned water management for units with monthly water consumption of more than 10000 tons. Once the water consumption exceeds 20% of the monthly water quota, a high price increase fee will be charged

[policy interpretation]

pay a markup fee for water exceeding the quota

avoid damage to equipment caused by improper operation from this month, large industrial water users should pay attention, because in case of exceeding the quota, they will pay a maximum of 5 times the water fee

according to the relevant provisions of the regulations of Jiangsu Province on water resources management, general enterprises determine the water quota according to the average water intake in the previous three years. The part exceeding the quota shall be charged with price increase fee:

the part exceeding the quota by 20% and less than 30% shall be charged 3 times of the current water price; If the actual water consumption exceeds 30% of the planned and quota, a water resource fee of 5 times the current water price will be charged. For example, the water quota of a unit is 10000 tons per month, while the food contact materials are no longer the simple food packaging understood under the old national standard. 15000 tons of water is used in a certain month. Originally, only 15000 tons of normal water fee needs to be paid. From this month, in addition to this water fee, 5000 tons of markup fee will be paid

resident users will not be affected temporarily

quota water management has been implemented in Yangzhou before. According to the person in charge of the municipal water conservation office, in the 1980s, our city once charged a fee for water exceeding the quota. At that time, the standard was to pay a capacity increase fee for each ton exceeding the quota. The fundamental purpose of this re planning and management of large water users is not to limit the normal production and domestic water, but to save water and eliminate waste

the city has launched the water use plan management for units with monthly water consumption of more than 10000 tons. The city has accumulated corresponding experience. At present, the planned water use has been implemented for enterprises with monthly water consumption of more than 500 tons in the urban area, and the planned water use coverage rate has reached 95%. The Municipal Water Saving Office disclosed that the method for calculating and collecting water fees for residential users will not be affected for the time being

large new water users will build water-saving facilities

it is also understood that the municipal construction department recently issued the "three simultaneous management regulations on Water Conservation in Yangzhou construction projects" and related technical requirements, which stipulate that since July 22 this year, all new, reconstruction and expansion projects with an annual water consumption of more than 20000 cubic meters must be equipped with water-saving facilities, and be designed, constructed and put into use at the same time with the main project

according to the regulations, when applying for project initiation, planning and preliminary design scheme, the construction unit shall submit for approval the process, technical characteristics and construction scheme adopted by the water-saving facilities. Where the daily water consumption is more than 100 cubic meters, corresponding water reuse facilities shall be built, and it is worth noting that the water reuse rate is more than 50%; For hotels, restaurants, shops, apartments, comprehensive service buildings and high-rise residential buildings with a building area of more than 20000 square meters, government agencies, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and large-scale comprehensive cultural and sports facilities with a building area of more than 30000 square meters, and residential communities with a planned population of more than 30000 people, reclaimed water recovery facilities must be built to make full use of the reclaimed water that can be used for irrigation, greening and toilets

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