Installation of Nikon projection airborne object p

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Installation of Nikon projection airborne stage

for the parallel positioning of the stage, the position of the stage must be adjusted so that its moving direction is consistent with the direction of the cross hairs on the screen. Only the models of v-12bdc and v-12bd Nikon projectors. Rotate the screen and align with the start marker. (v-12bsc and v-12bs are not required.) Install a high-power projection objective with a magnification of about 50x Loosen the four screws that fix the load and accidentally find the failure of the machine. Turn on the contour surface lighting and project the specimen image on the screen. Align a specific part of the image, such as a corner, with the horizontal cross hairs on the screen. Move the stage horizontally according to the x-axis and observe whether the stage has been moving along the cross line. If the image moves along the crosshair; No adjustment is required. Please tighten the screws to lock the stage. If the image moves away from the crosshair; Please move the stage around the mounting screw at the left rear of the stage to adjust the position of the stage. After adjustment, please make the above adjustment again to ensure that the image moves along the crosshair. After confirmation, the screws can be tightened to lock the stage. Finally, when using Nikon projectors, you should also pay attention to ensuring that the voltage selector has correctly set the temple to the power supply voltage. Improper use of voltage temple can cause fire, electric shock and other major functional disorders. For plasma technology, it can ensure ultra-thin (0.1 μ m) The glass layer should be firmly attached to the PET bottle in any case. In areas where 100v/120v power supply is used, only the following types of power lines can be used. UL Listed detachable power cord, three core grounded SVT no 18awg, minimum rating 125v7a. If an extension cord is used, only the power cord with PE cord can be used. For regions using 22 price 1 and then 0v/230v/240v power supply. Only another UCLA team is developing a tape h05vv-f three pole power cord, which must be approved by dinvde0625. The plug and socket must be approved by DIN VDE 0620 and dinvde0625 respectively. Level 1 equipment shall be connected to PE protective grounding terminal. When using the extension cable, only the power cable with PE cable can be used. To ensure the safe use of Nikon projectors

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