Top ten star products of Sany group in 2013

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The top ten star products of Sany group in 2013 hit hard

the top ten star products of Sany group in 2013 hit hard

China Construction machinery information

Guide: sy215c9m2ks hydraulic excavator has the highest operation efficiency among similar competitive models. Sy215c9m2ks hydraulic excavator 2013 sy215c9 model (i.e. sy215c9m2ks) carries on the three core indicators of energy conservation, efficiency and high reliability on the basis of inheriting the original sy215c9 model

the operation efficiency is the highest among similar competitive models

sy215c9m2ks hydraulic excavator

2013 sy215c9 model (i.e. sy215c9m2ks) inherits the original sy215c9 model, and continuously improves the three core indicators of energy saving, efficiency and high reliability, so that the whole machine has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, high operation efficiency, long service life, long continuous operation time and strong environmental adaptability

by adopting the world's leading positive flow hydraulic control technology and the original domcs dynamic optimization intelligent matching control system, the real-time matching of engine and main pump power is achieved, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 10% compared with the previous generation model

by optimizing the internal structure of the pump and valve, increasing the regeneration circuit of the oil cylinder, optimizing the priority function of the boom to the rotation, and greatly improving the coordination of the compound action, the operation efficiency is the highest among the competitive models of the same kind

srt45 mining dump truck

low noise, stable and reliable, convenient maintenance

srt45 mining dump truck

45 ton mining dump truck is indispensable in water conservancy and hydropower, cement industry, open-pit mining and other fields, especially in water conservancy and hydropower and cement industry, it is more widely used, and its sales account for about 30% of the whole mining dump truck market. The market demand is large, and shows a stable growth trend

srt45 mining dump truck fills the blank of Sany mining machine 45 ton mining car and improves the product type spectrum

srt45 mining dump truck, on the basis of learning from the mature technology developed by SANY mining machine 55 ton and 95 ton mining cars, newly developed central intelligent display instrument, integrated control hydraulic system and optimized pipeline layout, improved product configuration and made maintenance more convenient

2013, during the three-month trial of a group in Jiangsu, srt45 was highly recognized by customers with early zero failure rate, 97% high attendance rate, low noise, stable and reliable braking performance, and convenient maintenance proximity, and reached purchase intention

sr280rc rotary drilling rig

low energy consumption, high reliability

sr280rc rotary drilling rig

sr280rc rotary drilling rig is a medium and large-scale full hydraulic rotary drilling rig independently developed by Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. for urban industrial and civil construction and bridge engineering. The maximum drilling diameter of this model is 2.2 meters, the maximum drilling depth is 84 meters, and the maximum torque is 280kn m. The maximum lifting force is 260kn, and the winch pressure mode is adopted. The maximum pressure is 220kn, and the pressure stroke is 7.5 meters

this product completely gets rid of the problem of structural cracking on rock drilling rigs, improves the maintainability of drilling rigs, and reduces energy consumption. Once launched, it was welcomed by new and old customers, and soon replaced the original sr280r as the company's main product, further improving the market competitiveness of Beijing pile machine

2hzs360hb environmental friendly concrete mixing station

zero sewage discharge, energy conservation and environmental protection

2hzs360hb environmental friendly concrete mixing station

environmental friendly concrete mixing station adopts new technology and equipment to solve the impact of dust, noise and sewage produced by ordinary commercial mixing station in the production process on the surrounding environment, so that the dust, noise and sewage discharge meet national standards

the sewage is measured separately and directly put into the main machine for addition, as well as combined with the use of the filter press, so as to realize the zero discharge of sewage from the mixing plant

waste water and waste recycling equipment can realize the separation and recycling of sand and gravel, and create benefits. The automatic loading system eliminates the loading steps of the loader, saves fuel consumption, reduces production personnel, and brings long-term benefits to the mixing plant

3 bridge 12 square meter natural gas concrete mixer truck

compared with the same cubic meter oil discharge mixer truck, the fuel cost is saved by 30%

3 bridge 12 square meter natural gas concrete mixer truck

this product uses clean energy liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel. Compared with the traditional diesel fuel, it is a major breakthrough in the concrete mixer truck industry in advocating the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction

this product adopts the most mature electronically controlled single point injection natural gas engine in China, with accurate fuel control. The fuel gas is jointly applied for the aviation alloy powder project for 3D printing; Become a qualified supplier of AVIC 351 factory with low consumption, and match natural gas cylinders with large capacity, high vacuum insulation, high safety and reliability, so that the whole vehicle is more competitive in power, economy and environmental protection. Compared with the diesel mixer with the same volume, this product can save 30% of the fuel cost alone, reduce 70% of the exhaust pollutants comprehensively, and meet the national five emission standards, which can create greater value for society and users

401 dynamic compactor

the efficiency is at least 50% higher than the industry average level

Wald gerl, chief executive officer of LuChen new materials, Xiao Jing, chief professional chief engineer of GAC Group Automotive Engineering Research Institute

401 dynamic compactor

this machine breaks through the original execution mode of traditional dynamic compactor, and uses oil cylinder as the lifting mechanism, which is fully qualified for the current 400t M and 800t M (with gantry) dynamic compaction condition, and the efficiency is at least 50% higher than the industry average level

in the product design, the customer's use cost is fully considered, and the automatic dynamic compaction and pit depth measurement technology are adopted, which can complete the whole operation cycle by one person; In addition, the use of sand filled counterweight can reduce 1 vehicle compared with the original transportation mode. Later, it can also be extended to non decoupling working conditions such as underwater dynamic compaction

scm2200 milling machine

the deepest and widest milling machine in China

scm2200 milling machine

scm2200 milling machine is a milestone product developed by SANY machine on the basis of the existing 2m milling machine through in-depth customer research, benchmarking research and market trend analysis in recent two years. It is the deepest (330mm) and widest (2200mm) milling machine in China

the whole machine adopts many core technologies, such as "expert milling system", intelligent leveling and attitude control technology, intelligent driving system technology, two-way vibration isolation technology to improve the level of high-capacity nylon equipment, intelligent feeding technology, edge milling technology, and so on, so as to enhance the use value of customers. At the same time, the whole machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, firm lines, high power, deep milling, high efficiency, stable construction and so on

with the early construction of pavement in China entering the stage of overhaul and renovation, this product will usher in a broad market. It is expected that Sany will rewrite the development history of the milling machine market dominated by foreign brands in the near future

52c8 concrete pump truck

with high cost performance, it is a 52c8 pump truck developed by the market leader

52c8 concrete pump truck

independent innovation and integration of elephant science and technology. It adopts a 4-axle general chassis, and strives to build a high-quality pump truck with better performance and more popular in the market

52c8 pump truck is positioned as the market leader. It has high cost performance, better hydraulic oil temperature and cleanliness control, and can ensure the long-term reliable operation of the hydraulic system. At the same time, the rigidity of structural parts has been improved to enhance the stability of the whole vehicle

scc5000a crawler crane

the comprehensive performance has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level

scc5000a 500 ton crawler crane project is a milestone project of Sany. It is another medium and large tonnage crawler crane developed by Zhejiang Sany equipment, filling the gap in Sany's type spectrum from 400 tons to 650 tons

the product's mobile counterweight technology, new super lift counterweight off the ground technology, torque limiter calibration free technology, global barrier free transportation performance, excellent low-temperature starting performance, and the function of one key pulling make the comprehensive performance of the product reach the domestic leading and international advanced level

scc5000a crawler crane prototype has passed the national type test and inspection, key weld nondestructive testing, stress test, and all performances meet the requirements of the project assignment. The prototype has been put into storage

m pump truck

the lightest pump truck in the world in the 30 meter pump truck series

m pump truck

m pump truck is a pump truck developed by Putzmeister company to meet the needs of market development and enhance competitiveness. In the 30 meter pump truck series, it is the lightest pump truck in the global market

all standardized parts are used to facilitate maintenance and procurement

The structure of

5-section boom provides maximum flexibility for cloth

the control system is improved, so that the boom can directly receive the reaction control signal

the support leg system is improved to provide more flexibility

this product has been put into the market at the 2013 BMW Munich exhibition and has received a good response. It has achieved success in the Japanese and Turkish markets

ssc1020 wind power dedicated all terrain crane

the structural form of the whole machine is the world's first

ssc1020 wind power dedicated all terrain crane

ssc1020 wind power crane is dedicated to the fan market of 2MW and below. The structural form of the whole machine is the world's first. The structural form of each main component from the lower turntable, column, upper connecting platform and tensioning system is novel and unique, practical and reliable, and the whole machine structure is integrated

ssc1020 wind power crane integrates the four technical advantages of "stability, efficiency, economy and intelligence". The main performance parameters are 13m amplitude, the maximum rated lifting capacity is 100t, and the maximum lifting height is 100m, which can easily lift 2MW fans; The chassis adopts the full road chassis, and the axle is 16 × 8(16 × 12) Drive, with auxiliary drive capability, full axle steering, and fast transfer capability in the field (only the counterweight needs to be removed); The single cylinder bolt telescopic boom is used for boarding, which realizes rapid preparation and collection on the existing reliable technology

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