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Installation of anchor bolt assembly between fan foundation and tower

in recent years, in order to avoid the stress concentration phenomenon during the connection of foundation ring, most of the anchor bolt connection between fan foundation and tower is adopted. Let's briefly introduce that the voltage difference of the anchor bolt assembly is not less than ± 5% of the standard voltage, and the power line must be grounded

1. Preparatory work (1) count the number of components and conduct visual inspection according to the list of prestressed anchor bolt assemblies in the anchor bolt foundation drawing. Check whether the upper and lower anchor plates are deformed; Check whether the anchor bolt thread is damaged and whether the anchor bolt is bent. Reject the unqualified products and prohibit their use

(2) after the required parts are transported to the site, they should be placed in a flat place and supported with cork to prevent the deformation of the upper and lower anchor plates and the damage of the anchor bolt threads

2. Installation of anchor plate (1) check whether the size, position and quantity of embedded parts for installing anchor plate are correct according to the foundation drawing of prestressed anchor bolt

(2) select a suitable crane, slowly move the hoisted anchor plate to 300mm above the embedded parts, and then stop. First, thread the bolt hole on the anchor plate and the support bolt of the anchor plate correspondingly, place a nut on and under the anchor plate respectively, and add a gasket on the nut under the anchor plate. After the embedded parts are aligned with the inner and outer support bolts, the crane will place the lower anchor plate on the embedded parts. The Foundation Center corresponds to the center of the anchor plate, and the allowable deviation is ± 5mm

(3) weld the bolts supporting the lower anchor plate firmly with the corresponding embedded parts, and the height of the welding leg is greater than 6mm

(4) adjust the support bolts so that the anchor plate reaches the design elevation of the drawing, and the levelness of the anchor plate does not exceed 3mm

3. Installation of upper anchor plate and anchor bolt installation of foundation anchor bolt is divided into positioning anchor bolt and ordinary anchor bolt

(1) installation of upper anchor plate and positioning anchor bolt

1) lift the upper anchor plate to a certain height with a crane, and then install positioning anchor bolts symmetrically on the inner and outer bolt holes of the upper anchor plate, and put temporary steel nuts after the anchor bolts are inserted into the upper anchor plate. Screw the blackened half nut on the lower end (flat head end) of the anchor bolt, then put the PVC sleeve (length according to the drawing requirements) into the anchor bolt, and then put the heat shrinkable pipe on the PVC sleeve (locate the two heat shrinkable pipes of the anchor bolt sleeve). Screw the nylon adjusting nut (steel nut is not allowed) into the upper end (cone end) of the positioning anchor bolt when the sensor is subjected to the effect of tension P

2) after the positioning anchor bolt is put through, the crane slowly lifts the upper anchor plate and the positioning anchor bolt, moves to the right above the lower anchor plate, penetrates the positioning anchor bolt and the bolt hole of the lower anchor plate correspondingly, and after padding, tighten the blackened nut under the lower anchor plate. The nut shall be 300N ˙ Tightening torque of M

(2) installation of ordinary anchor bolts

after the positioning anchor bolts are installed, leveled and aligned, the ordinary anchor bolts are installed according to the principle of diagonal sequence. The upper anchor plate of the upper end (cone end) of the anchor bolt is threaded first, and the end of the installed half nut is threaded into the lower anchor plate. Tighten the nut (blackened nut) and add shims in the same way. The nut is required to be 300n Tightening torque of M. A single heavy anchor bolt passes over the upper anchor plate, passes through the lower anchor plate, and is sleeved into PVC casing. Special attention should be paid to that after the anchor bolt penetrates into the lower anchor plate, all gaskets should be placed under the lower anchor plate, and the lower nuts should be tightened to 300N at the same time m. Do not omit. Before pouring the local cushion under the anchor plate, the concealed works shall be accepted, and the pouring can be carried out only after the supervisor's acceptance and confirmation (no omission and tightening)

4. Adjustment and fixation of anchor bolt assembly (1) fix a pile at every 90 ° position on the outside of the fan foundation (on the natural terrace), and then connect the upper anchor plate with the pile with a drag rope equipped with basket bolts, and adjust the basket bolts in four directions to make the upper The lower anchor plate is concentric (take the center line of the bolt hole of the upper and lower anchor plates as the benchmark, measure the perpendicularity with a theodolite, measure a total of 4 points, one point every 90 °, so that the upper and lower anchor plates are concentric, so as to achieve a comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development. The allowable deviation of the centrality should meet ≤ 3mm)

(2) after the upper and lower anchor plates are concentric, adjust the levelness of the upper anchor plate: measure the levelness of the butt joint area on the upper plane of the upper anchor plate at the positioning anchor bolt (in the middle of the inner and outer anchor bolts), adjust the nylon nut and temporary steel nut to make the upper plane of the upper anchor plate reach the design elevation of the drawing, and the levelness of the upper anchor plate should meet ≤ 1.5mm (before concrete pouring). After adjustment, put the upper end of each PVC sleeve into the hole at the lower end of the upper anchor plate for about mm (it is strictly forbidden to put the PVC sleeve out of the upper plane of the upper anchor plate), and then heat the heat shrinkable pipe at the end of the PVC sleeve with an alcohol blowtorch to shrink and block the gap between the PVC sleeve and the anchor bolt

(3) after adjusting the stability requirements of the pairing fit, use four reinforcements (two directions, each direction is a cross) to strengthen the anchor bolt assembly. The upper end of the reinforcement shall not be welded with the anchor plate welding nails, and the lower foundation embedded parts shall be welded, and firmly welded at the intersection of the four reinforcements to strengthen the overall stability of the anchor bolt assembly

(4) after the reinforcement is bound and the formwork is erected, the levelness of the upper anchor plate should be rechecked before the concrete pouring, and the concrete can be poured only after it meets the requirements

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