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Installation of computer engraving machine

the installation process of computer engraving machine is as follows:

1. Connect the engraving machine with the power socket with the power cable provided with the machine

2. Connect the lettering machine and computer with the communication cable provided with the machine

3. Turn on the power

4. Carve the carving knife or drawing pen into the carving knife holder

5. Place the media. (applicable materials of computer engraving machine: reflective film, instant stickers, wall stickers, car body stickers, self-adhesive, paper, kraft paper, etc.)

6. Set parameters (although a lot of multimedia teaching marks origin, knife or pen speed, knife or pen pressure, etc. are adopted, please choose low-speed engraving at the beginning)

7. Try hp-rtm process through a mixed headscarf. For example, the micro engraving computer engraving machine is to press the "offline" button, and then press the "acceleration" and "deceleration" buttons at the same time, and the engraving machine will execute the internal self-test program to try to engrave graphics

8. The computer transmits data and starts engraving or drawing. Connect the power cable. The power supply used by this machine is AC 220V. 50Hz, when connecting the power supply; First, ensure that the power switch of the engraving machine is externally disconnected, and then insert one end of the power line into the power socket of the engraving machine, and connect the other end to the power socket. When not working, turn off the power first, and then pull the power plug out of the socket. Do not plug and unplug the power plug when powered on. When plugging and unplugging the power plug, do not use too much force to avoid damaging the coupler. After engraving the machine, the time interval of re starting shall not be less than 30 seconds

9. Connect serial and parallel cables. Ensure that the power supply of the engraving machine and the computer are in the off state. Connect one end of the parallel cable (needle plug) to the parallel socket of the computer, and lock the plug with a fixed resistance formed by the push with the manual locking screw on the plug; The other end is connected to the parallel socket of the lettering machine, and the steel wire buckle on the parallel socket shall be used to firmly fasten the plug and socket. Note: the earliest computer was full of ambition. The engraving machine used this output method. Now most of the engraving machines use serial port and USB port for output; Connect one end of the serial cable (pinhole plug) to the serial socket of the computer and the other end to the serial socket of the lettering machine, and lock the plugs at both ends of the cable on the socket with the manual locking screws on the plug. If you choose either serial or parallel cable, it can work normally. Pen loading: the nib of the drawing pen installed in the cutter frame should not be too long. If the nib is too long or too short, the drawing quality cannot be guaranteed. To do this, please use the pen you brought with you

there are also many detailed instructions that can be referred to the operation manual of the micro engraving computer engraving machine. For the software part, please refer to the random matching genuine software manual. The micro engraving computer engraving machine has both the engraving machine manufacturer and the software supplier to track your use. The service is considerate, the machine is stable, and the engraving accuracy is perfect. (end)

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