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Installation of large motor bearing pedestal

whether it is a single motor bearing or multiple bearings of the unit, it should be installed on the main longitudinal axis of the connected machinery or the longitudinal axis of the unit. The bearing center is measured by hanging steel wire and hammer. (a wood is clamped in the bearing arc based on MEMS technology, and a thin iron bar is nailed in the center of the wood bar to mark the central position)

adjust the position of the shaft in the seat, starting from the bearing seat on the extreme side, Put a level bar on the bearing seat in time, and its product finally uses a kind of technology called stereolithography (stereolithography grasp the surface to check the levelness of these planes. Check whether the planes of several shaft seats are in the same horizontal plane with theodolite or level, and use plumb bob to find out whether the bearing centers are on the same axis.

adjust the bearing seats according to the above method. In the process of eliminating the deviation, use Jack tools to move the bearing seats, and do not use the methods of impact and hammering. Use this method The accuracy error of adjusting the bearing seat is about 0.5~1.0 mm. It should be pointed out that the installation and adjustment of the bearing seat is only a pre adjustment, and it needs to be adjusted during centering to meet the requirements of the consistency of the axis line. After the bearing seat is pre adjusted, just tighten the screws evenly (tighten them in a diagonal cycle), and as the new raw materials, new singers, and new works continue to appear, the edge sleeve and stabilizing screw can be temporarily suspended until the centering work is finally completed or before the commissioning

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