Installation method of the hottest rolling bearing

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Installation method of rolling bearing heating

when the inner diameter of the bearing is greater than 70mm, or the equipment socket used in the installation site must have a large interference of the grounding terminal, the heating method is used to expand the bearing hole, so that the installation is labor-saving and time-saving, and the damage caused by excessive force is avoided

at this time, the heating temperature needs to be controlled. Generally, the bearing is heated to 80 ℃, and the maximum temperature is 100 ℃. If the temperature exceeds 120 ℃, the bearing will backfire, which will reduce the hardness and accuracy of the ferrule

first, the commonly used heating methods are:

1. Electric heating plate heating method:

place the bearing on the electric heating plate with a temperature of 100 ℃ for a few minutes. This method is the most simple. For example, turning over several times can make the bearing bear heat evenly, and the efficiency is also high. This method can be used for both large and small bearings

2. Electric furnace heating method:

place the bearing in a closed automatic temperature control electric furnace for heating. The heating is uniform, the temperature control is accurate, and the heating is fast. It is suitable for heating many bearings in a batch

3. Induction heating method:

using the induction heater, the bearing can be heated to the required temperature quickly, reliably and cleanly, which is especially suitable for the occasions where the inner ring is tightly matched. Because only the inner ring is heated, and the outer ring is rarely heated, it can be easily installed on the shaft and into the seat hole

4. Electric bulb heating method:

using 50W electric bulb to heat the bearing can ensure that the heating temperature is about 100 ℃, the smaller bearing can be placed directly on the bulb, and the larger bearing can be placed in the conical cover of the bulb, which can prevent the heat loss of the bulb and make the heating uniform. The conical cover can be adjusted up and down. Through the analysis of periodic calibration data, it can adapt to heating bearings of different sizes within a certain range. If the far-infrared bulb is used, pay attention to the downward direction of the bulb, so as not to make the measurement range of the pressure tester different, and the infrared ray is not conducive to people's eyes. Imported pump this kind of bulb can save energy. The bulb heating method is suitable for small quantity and infrequent demand; In the case of bearing heating, the bulb can also be used for lighting at ordinary times, and no other equipment is required

5. The dispersion of wood flour is more uniform. Oil tank heating method:

this is a widely used traditional heating method. Metal is set at the place 50 ~ 70mm from the bottom of the oil tank, the bearing is placed on it, and the large bearing should be lifted with a hook. The bearing should not be placed directly at the bottom of the groove to prevent local heating of the bearing part contacting the bottom of the groove, or the dirt deposited at the bottom of the groove from entering the bearing. The key points of oil tank heating method are as follows: mineral oil with non corrosive and good thermal stability should be used, preferably transformer oil, and the oil and container should be kept clean. The capacity of the oil groove should be determined by the size and oil volume of the heated bearing. If the container is too small, the oil temperature will drop quickly once the bearing is put into continuous operation, and the effect is not good

II. Key points of heating installation method:

① the heating temperature should be properly controlled. If the temperature is too high, the bearing will be damaged, and if the temperature is too low, the expansion of the ferrule will be insufficient, and the effect is not significant. The thermal expansion of the inner diameter of the inner ring obtained from the heating temperature of 80 ~ 1000 ℃ is sufficient for bearings with general interference

② as soon as the required heating temperature is reached, the installation should be carried out as soon as possible to avoid difficulties in installation due to cooling

③ when the bearing is cooled, it also shrinks in the width direction. Therefore, during installation, a certain pressure should be applied to compress the inner ring towards the shoulder, and after cooling, a very thin feeler gauge should be used to test whether there is a gap between the end face of the inner ring and the shaft shoulder. In short, butterfly work requires proficiency, speed and accuracy

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