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Using "heart" products to promote the new era of China's industrial ether

yesterday, Dongtu Telecom, the leader of domestic industrial ether technology, successfully held its 2005 new product conference in the noble Oriental Ginza Hotel in Shenzhen. The press conference attracted nearly 100 system integrators and relevant people to attend, and Zhonghua industrial control was invited to participate in the press conference

at the beginning of the press conference, Zhang Xuebing, the sales director of Dongtu Telecom in South and central China, delivered a welcome speech, thanking the participants for their support and hoping to discuss the development of industrial Ethernet technology in China with you

then Mr. songchuanrong, the marketing director of Dongtu Telecom, made a speech on "impressioning Dongtu, using 'heart' products to promote the development of automation in China". In his speech, president Song introduced the development history and recent achievements of Dongtu Telecom. Dongtu Telecom's production and development base is in Yantai Development Zone and operates in Beijing. The company has gathered domestic first-class optical communication and network communication technology experts. They are the pioneers of China's industrial data optical transceiver, China's industrial Ethernet switch and China's industrial "integrated service transmission platform". The company also set up offices in Shanghai and other places to cooperate with local well-known agents to provide localization services. After 8 years of accumulation, Dongtu Telecom has launched a series of new products on the basis of traditional products, and has made certain achievements. The latter one is widely and successfully applied to the industries with a range of 1kn ~ 1000KN, such as power, telecommunications, water conservancy, transportation, coal, petrochemicals, environmental protection, etc., and is deeply trusted by users. Dongtu Telecom takes it as its duty to inspect the damage and deformation of low-carbon cast iron and provide users with products with industrial performance and commercial price, and customize products with quality assurance for customers with the fastest product cycle. Finally, President song ended his speech with "my heart, your rest assured". These eight words represent the aspirations of Dongtu people

Mr. xuebaihua, product director of Dongtu Telecom, explained Kien, kodt series new products and some classic cases in the industry, which aroused great interest. During the break, the participants had a heated discussion with the staff of Dongtu Telecom

Shenzhen is the last stop of the 2005 new product launch of Dongtu Telecom. So far, the launch of Dongtu Telecom's "heart" products to promote the development of automation in China has come to a successful conclusion. Although the new product launch came to an end, the pursuit of Dongtu people did not stop. On the contrary, their ambition to promote the new era of industrial ether is "flying directly to the sea". Let's wait and see. Operate and eliminate it according to the actual situation

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