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Comparison between Mg ZS electric vehicle and Hyundai Kona electric specification

the newly launched mgzs EV has become a powerful competitor, compared with India Hyundai Kona electric, etc. Mgzs EV has two variants - exciting and exclusive, while modern Kona is in one variant and two trim advanced and advanced dual tones. Read below to find out more about the key differences between the two cars

in terms of design, mgzs EV has obtained an iconic mg appearance, including a diamond inlaid grille pattern surrounded by chromium, which is made of sharp LED headlights. The front bumper is characterized by a wide central air dam and neat carved lines. The rear is characterized by large LED tail lights that flow to the rear door. The car features a large piece of bumper, which is connected to the tail lamp, and it also houses a reflector. On both sides are windmill inspired alloy wheels, orvm with direction indicators, large windows and silver roof railings

as for Hyundai Kona, the electric SUV is characterized by a discrete composite LED headlamp on the bumper. A landmark solution is to check whether the equipment can't move after 15s (time). The sleek leddrl sits on top of the steering indicator as a separate unit, and they are connected through a single chrome insert. The rear features a skid plate and a rear spoiler with high mounted stop lights. The vehicle uses 17 inch aviation wheels

mgzs EV obtained an all black interior and a large touch screen infotainment system, which was borrowed from Hector. The vehicle acquired the is martev2.0 system with a new graphical interface and improved hardware, such as the is mart system in Hector. The exclusive variant of the top specification provides a double pane panoramic sky roof. In addition, the top variant also gets a built-in PM2.5 air filter and carbon dioxide protection function, which shows the amount of carbon dioxide that owners are saving in real time

modern Kona Electric is characterized by an all digital instrument cluster, which reads out all important information, power system and various driving modes - ecology/ecology, comfort and sports. The central console highlights that a floating 7 can gradually replace the inch infotainment system of this part of the imported product. The direction of a is vertically upward, which is opposite to the direction of speed. If you continue to land, KX will continue to increase. Therefore, the object will make a deceleration movement with increasing acceleration. When the speed decreases to zero, the acceleration will reach the maximum and move, such as Android auto and apple Carplay. As for functions, Kona electric obtains HUD (head up display), sunroof, leather interior, leather wrapped steering, ventilated heated seats, dual zone climate control, reversing camera, 10 way electrically adjustable seats, navigation, six speakers, split 60:40 rear seats

the zsev obtains a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is powered by a 44.5kwh battery and produces 143bhp and 353nm torque. This motor matches with the automatic transmission Using a standard AC charger, the battery takes six to eight hours to fully charge, while the 50KW DC fast charger can charge from 0 to 80% of the battery in just 50 minutes. This model is said to be able to return to a distance of 340 kilometers after being fully charged, and can sprint from kilometers per hour in 8.5 seconds

Kona Electric is powered by a high-voltage 39.2kwh lithium-ion polymer battery pack, which supplies juice to a single permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) installed on the front axle. The power figures of 134bhp and 395nm may seem mediocre, but then, the instantaneous torque of the word go means that Kona can accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in 9.7 seconds

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