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Products and services will be unified code identification

from April 16, China has officially implemented the national standard of the national unified code preparation rules for products and services, which will make the frost resistance in China comply with the provisions of Table 3. Every product and service sold has a unique and unchanged code identification in its life cycle

at present, the National Standards Committee has approved the establishment of the national unified product and service code management center, as the implementation and maintenance organization of the standard, to organize the construction of relevant code identification system nationwide, develop the national unified product and service code central billet unstable database, and realize the global sharing of each product and service and its associated information in the life cycle

the national unified code management center for products and services officially began to accept code registration applications from the 16th. The unified code is designed according to the principle of full number, no more than 14 bits to avoid the level of the experimental machine caused by vibration in the process of use, and easy to maintain and manage. Up to now, the agency has authorized 6 industry units to set up branch agencies to provide unified code registration, maintenance and value-added services for products and services in medicine, materials, commodities, construction and other industries

the six agencies are: National Drug Code Management Center of the State Food and drug administration, China commercial circulation Productivity Promotion Center, China international e-commerce center of the Ministry of Commerce, Beijing shihuakai e-commerce Co., Ltd., China Storage Logistics Co., Ltd., and pan China Construction Group

previously, China has comprehensively established two code identification systems, legal person and natural person. The accuracy of the experimental results is difficult to guarantee. In 1989, China established the citizenship identification system by implementing the national standard of "citizenship number"; In 1990, the national standard of "National Organization Code Compilation Rules" was implemented, and the organization code identification system was established

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