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Goods without Chinese logo urgently need to be stopped

yesterday, Mr. Liu, a citizen, called to reflect that Korean goods were sold in a store opposite zhifutun Road Railway Company in the measurement system. Some goods had no Chinese logo, which was extremely inconvenient to use, and consumers did not know whether other interests were damaged

Liu Hailing verified the report: the waitress told that the store was a chain store, and there were other stores in the urban area, mainly selling Korean goods. We can see that the commodities include food, cosmetics, etc. some commodities are labeled in Chinese, but some do not have a Chinese character. Pick up a box of goods with "massage cream" written on the label of the shelf, all of which are in Korean. The waiter said that this is a massage cream for skin maintenance. When asked about its composition, she said she didn't know

why do some goods have no Chinese logo? The waiter said that some goods were marked in Chinese when they were purchased, while others did not or did not have time to add stickers

has stimulated the development of blow molding machine manufacturing machinery industry. Mr. Liu, the complainant, believes that the absence of Chinese logo has at least the following hazards: first, consumers cannot fully and accurately understand the functions and other information of the goods, so that they cannot be used normally; Second, once the goods have quality or other problems, they cannot contact the manufacturers or agents in time, and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers cannot be effectively safeguarded; Third, to a certain extent, it provides opportunities for fake and shoddy commodities with "three noes" to enter the market

reading tips: it is learned that Article 27 of the product quality law of the people's Republic of China stipulates that products entering the market must have Chinese marks on their outer packages, indicating the composition, purpose, content, performance, etc. of the product. If it is imported "foreign" goods, there must also be corresponding instructions in Chinese. Otherwise, the relevant departments will detain the product according to law or order the merchants to make corrections within a time limit

Bing GE's words: after China's accession to the WTO, a large number of foreign goods have entered the Chinese market. It is necessary and imperative to prohibit the timely and accurate transmission to many R & D resources under China Steel Research Institute to sell goods without Chinese marks. The relevant departments should strengthen supervision and inspection in this regard and provide consumers with a good consumption environment.: Bingge supervision station

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