The hottest products are durable, the service is t

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The products are durable, the service is timely and considerate, and the temporary work is so "just"

the products are durable, the service is timely and considerate, and the temporary work is so "just"

Yingkou Ningfeng group, another enterprise located in the magnesium capital of China, is a large private enterprise mainly engaged in the production and operation of refractory materials and metallurgical raw materials, which was established in 2002. In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic metallurgy and building materials industries, the high-end magnesium refractories, ferronickel and other products produced by the group are also exported in large quantities. Now nearly 1000 enterprises related to experimental machines have gone to Europe, South Korea, India and other regions to strengthen the fixation between blades and tool holders; The bearing should be lubricated regularly according to the requirements of a well-known domestic construction machinery manufacturer

"in the early days, few big brands set up sales stores in Dashiqiao, and we didn't know about the equipment, so we bought a local loader. Unexpectedly, this equipment has too many problems, and no one has repaired it. In the past, the business volume was small, and it was barely usable, but after increasing production capacity in 2006, it simply couldn't meet the demand." Talking about the situation at that time, Qiao Shanjun, the team leader of Ningfeng group, continued, "in order to find a more suitable loader, we finally chose temporary work after many visits. We learned that temporary work is a large domestic brand, with excellent product quality and performance, and it is a little in Dashiqiao, and the after-sales service is guaranteed. At that time, we bought two at one time."

it becomes very simple to get married with temporary work

facts have proved that temporary work loaders did not disappoint Ningfeng group. With excellent products and timely after-sales service guarantee, the temporary loader makes Ningfeng group extremely smooth in magnesium ore mining, raw materials, finished product transportation and other links, and has made a significant contribution to its capacity improvement

"I have the impression that before the in mold decoration (IMD) technology was more and more used to replace the coating operation in 2012, our group developed rapidly. Our products not only sold well in the domestic market, but also continued to open up foreign markets. Therefore, our group's mining, magnesium products processing and other links are extremely busy. Equipment such as loaders are almost constantly working." Qiao Shanjun admired the temporary loader, "At this time, the advantages of the temporary loader are reflected. First, the quality of the equipment is reliable, and there is almost no failure except for normal maintenance. Therefore, it can operate continuously for a long time, greatly improving the speed of material transfer; second, the temporary loader has a service point and parts warehouse in Dashiqiao. Once there is a failure, it can arrive at the site within 2 hours to solve the problem, further ensuring the attendance rate of the loader. With such good equipment, With considerate service, we can use it at ease, which makes it easier for us. As long as it's the work done by the loader, everything becomes simple. "

as an equipment manager, Qiao Shanjun told us that the most satisfactory and surprising thing about the temporary loader was the product quality. "We have a temporary loader purchased in 2009, which has been used for more than 20000 hours for 9 years. So far, the engine, bridge box and other large parts have not moved, so we change some oil products on time, as well as vulnerable parts such as tires and bucket teeth, which are still in normal use. The quality of the temporary loader is really impeccable." In his words, it can be seen that Qiao Shanjun is very recognition of the temporary loader

"that's right. After 2006, all our loaders have chosen temporary brands. So far, we have bought no less than 30 sets, and there are still 16 sets. In the past two years, the demand for refractory materials has risen again, and it is expected that a batch of loaders will be updated every year." In this regard, Qiao Shanjun said, "needless to say, the brand is definitely temporary."

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