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Products from "selling by ton" to making money by core technology "made in Shenyang" increased the weight of wisdom

the Shenyang made in Shenyang smart center, which was jointly established by the Shenyang municipal government and enterprises with an investment of 125 million yuan, held the opening ceremony recently. This science and technology innovation platform, which brings together top wisdom such as intelligent equipment research institute, science and Technology Electrical Engineering Research Institute and new industry incubator, will expand its service radius to the whole country. After adjustment and transformation, Shenyang manufacturing industry has gradually jumped from cr1.4 general equipment to the high-end industrial chain, and it has become the mainstream fashion of Shenyang manufacturing industry to seek productivity from high technology

the manufacturing industry in Shenyang has gone through a painful transition period from selling products by ton to making money by core technology. Guan Xiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, lamented: selling 100 machine tools is not as profitable as a CNC system! Since the birth of Feiyang CNC system with independent intellectual property rights in 2012, Shenyang machine tool has fully announced that it will fade out of the production field of ordinary machine tools. In the case of the slowdown in the growth of the total market volume, Shen's output and demand are positive. 2. Loading times: 2million times are continuously increasing the output value of Yang machine tool, and the NC rate has reached more than 60%. The market share of high-precision and Intelligent NC machine tools has risen against the trend, and Shenyang NC machine tools equipped with Chinese cores have received batch orders. Enterprises that have tasted the sweetness of wisdom and are ready for experiments can form a strong array in Shenyang

Shengu group has become the fourth enterprise in the world with the research and development capacity of three million ton ethylene machines. Sany Heavy Equipment launched the world's first large slope roadheader, and the curtain wall production of Yuanda Group has ranked first in the world for eight consecutive years. At present, Shenyang industrial manufacturing has 51 world-class fist products, with 44 products ranking first in the domestic market share of the same industry, and a number of large complete sets and turnkey projects are famous overseas

the secret of the rapid upgrading of Shenyang manufacturing lies in the wide application of local wisdom. In particular, industrial embedded software technology, which is closely consistent with the equipment manufacturing industry, is the strength of Shenyang's information industry, with 8 National embedded software technology centers. The electronic information enterprises represented by Xinsong robot and Neusoft group have increasingly integrated the intelligent technology developed jointly into traditional manufacturing through the industrial alliance of integration of industrialization and industrialization established by the government. The intelligent machine tool equipment jointly launched by Shenyang machine tool and Xinsong robot is a typical example of the integration of the two. While improving the manufacturing industry, Shenyang's electronic information industry rose together, breaking through the output value of 100 billion yuan at one stroke, becoming another pillar industry of the city

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