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Comparison between continuous and intermittent automatic cartoning machine

the transmission mechanism of intermittent cartoning machine operates intermittently, and its speed is the fastest box/minute, generally in box/minute. The specific analysis is as follows:

the main drive depends on the movement and stay of each cycle of the divider or brake pad type line

1. Within the residence time of the main drive, the products fall into the ship on the static product transmission chain in the whole transmission chain. The box opening system is single head reciprocating, with a collection of 888.5% and a rise of 3.31%. The maximum storage of 200 cartons in the bin containing cartons is up to 888.5%. The single suction head sucks down the cartons, which shows a negative value by the actual force of the static box transmission chain. The chain and baffle open the cartons, put them on the chain, and the single suction head returns at a slow speed; The instructions sucked by the origami machine are intermittently sent under the product ship. The vertically fixed push rod system pushes the product into the carton horizontally, and the push rod returns to its original position; In order to prevent the specimen from damaging the fixed sealing system, close the carton and return to the original position

2. During the movement time of the main drive, the product transmission chain moves, and the products in the ship are sent to the origami machine and the lower part of the suction head that can be introduced into the diversified capital system in turn. The origami machine does not act, the push rod does not act, and the box sealing system also stops acting

to sum up, due to the limitation of the transmission mechanism, the intermittent cartoning machine has slow speed, unstable operation, low yield, high requirements for cartons, and there is no mechanical memory device, which is inconvenient to replace specifications. Therefore, it is only used for products and occasions with low output and low speed requirements

see the following table for specific comparison:

continuous intermittent equipment stroke action - circular rotation - Product silo, carton conveyor chain and push rod are synchronized and one-to-one corresponding - linear reciprocating motion - carton conveyor mechanism is reciprocating motion, only one push rod, the three are not synchronized, It can't correspond to the product feeding, dynamic blanking, static blanking, carton bin 1500, 100 boxes taking, four stations, suction cup taking, single station suction cup or blade type box taking, four stations, suction cup opening, single station, blade type box opening. The box entry push rod of the product moves synchronously with the product bin, one-to-one correspondence, the box entry action of the product is relatively soft, the push rod is not synchronized with the product bin, can't correspond one-to-one, the box entry action range is large, and the production speed of the equipment is fast, Box/sub slow, box/sub equipment size is larger and smaller

source: Shanghai Longteng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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