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editor's note: the software tools developed by Zijinqiao can provide a unified platform for colleges and universities from theory to implementation, assist teachers in theoretical teaching, help students build analog industrial control systems, and complete system level design

"by using Zijin bridge in the laboratory, our students have a deeper understanding of automation software control and its design, and students' interest in the course has increased greatly."

change order 1 extensive plastic granulator is a combined and intelligent plastic granulator - ng, Tsinghua University

"Zijinqiao software provides a platform for students to learn and master the development technology of automatic control system, and provides help for cultivating and training students' practical ability of automatic engineering."

-- Dr. Ao, Dalian University of technology

Theme: "looking for opportunities in danger - Software for automation breakthrough to help industrial development" technical lecture


1) deepen the content of bilateral cooperation; 2) Let students effectively participate in software development and understand the development of automation software; 3) Publicize the graduation design competition; 4) Strengthen the depth of software cooperative development. 5) Provide guidance and help in employment for graduates of new molding technology who construct objects by printing layer by layer, so that students can understand how to improve their value under the current economic background


auditorium of colleges and universities, ladder classroom, conference room of colleges and departments, etc

form of activities

keynote speech, demonstration, and interaction. China has convenient Q & A in the industry of receiving waste plastic modified plastic materials

technical lecture content:

new economic forms and new opportunities and challenges of the automation industry

new technologies, development trends and industry cases of automation systems and automation software

Tsinghua University automatic control laboratory system sharing

Introduction to the first university configuration software design competition

send recruitment invitations to students

summer internship invitation

interactive Q & A of technology and cases

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