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Zhangjiagang inspection instrument and equipment calibration WorldCom testing service company brand

Zhangjiagang inspection instrument and equipment calibration WorldCom testing service company brand

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Product Brand WorldCom product model 000 production city nationwide shipment city nationwide total experimental supply 100000 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 30 measurement units product details

Zhangjiagang inspection instrument and equipment calibration WorldCom inspection The brand of testing service company

WorldCom Instrument Testing Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the measurement, testing and research of instruments. The company's service scope includes 500 items, including high-temperature and high-pressure water spray test device, rain test device, electromagnetic interference scanning system, key life tester, roller drop tester, high-voltage insulation tester, defibrillation tester, pulse tester, scratch tester EMF tester, spring impact hammer, temperature test angle, wind shield, shielding room and other equipment, and undertake non-standard customized test equipment. The main personnel of the company have nearly 20 years of working experience and rich practical experience, and have successfully provided test equipment planning and corresponding test equipment supply to many large Certification Laboratories.

I. The main calibration service scope of the company:

electrical category: multimeter, inductance and capacitance tester, insulation continuity tester, integrated tester, power calibrator, plug line integrated tester, plug line voltage drop tester Life tester, leakage trace tester, safety gauge integrated tester, polarity tester, coil tester, motor integrated tester, secondary battery test system, electrostatic tester, digital power meter, shunt, power meter, frequency meter, signal generator, distortion meter, variable frequency power supply, potentiometer, megger,

and are included in the common test category, Its main test items are all for items used in harsh changing environments, such as: Car zero javascript:; Parts, materials, building materials, coating electrochemistry, electrical machines, etc. will be tested circularly by combining salt spray, drying, humidity and heat. Composite salt spray tester in 2014, main parameters of composite corrosion tester: model zt-60s-zzt-90s-zzt-120s-zzt-160s-zzt-200s-z inner box size: W × d × hcm60 × forty-five ×× eighty × fifty thousand one hundred and sixty ×× 60 equipment material PVC £ PP laboratory temperature 10~65 ℃ saturated air barrel temperature RT~ 47 ℃ laboratory humidity 30%~98%rh saturated air pressure 0.8~2.0 ± 0.01 spray volume 1.0~2.0 (ml/80c ㎡/hr) pH salt water test method: 6.5~7.2? Corrosion resistance test method: 3.0~3.2 laboratory volume 108l2 we can transfer the laboratory results to an industrialized 70l480l800l1440l makeup bucket volume 15l25l40l40l40l compound salt spray tester

sometimes several experimental pieces of Zhangjiagang inspection instrument are made into a set of experiments to calibrate the intensity tester equipment. The brand of WorldCom inspection service company can realize accurate positioning in digital buildings without any positioning infrastructure. This technology is expected to solve the bottleneck problem of the last kilometer of navigation, and realize indoor or underground navigation of large-scale integrated transportation hubs, convention and exhibition centers, underground parking lots, integrated pipe corridors, etc. at zero cost. Its unique "passive" indoor positioning technology has the advantages of no need to be deployed, no influence of signal strength on accuracy, and low use cost. It has successfully rolled over traditional positioning technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth ibeacon

it is expected that the new force measurement system of Southern surveying and mapping will be deeply sunk by the load instigated equipment and technical means, and provide a shared platform for development, exchange, cooperation and win-win results for users in prefecture level cities and even county-level cities. The prefecture level user conference aims to promote the popularization and industrialization of emerging equipment, build a zero distance communication platform covering the whole country, and give warm feedback to new and old users, so as to comprehensively tap the value of spatial geographic information

and put forward suggestions on the school enterprise cooperation mode. After the symposium, the two sides signed a framework agreement on school enterprise cooperation on the discussion content. The east engineering school awarded the plaque of "practice teaching base of Northeast Engineering Technology School" to the South surveying and mapping school, and the South surveying and mapping school awarded the plaque of "production, teaching and research application base of South surveying and mapping" to the East Engineering School. After the symposium, representatives of both sides visited the Mineral Museum of Northeast Engineering and technology school and the training room of UAV and surveying and mapping engineering. Yingmei123456

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