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The products are selling well, and Taiwan Xiagong machinery may set up a factory in Taiwan for production.

out of favor of Xiagong products, Taiwan's heavy machinery industry has organized a mutual selection committee of up to 25 people to occasionally produce a delegation to witness the direct flight ceremony of Xiagong products to Taiwan. This is the first time that Taiwan's heavy machinery industry has visited the mainland in the form of a private group. The members of the delegation are composed of leading enterprises in the heavy machinery industry in counties and cities of Taiwan, so they are quite representative of the industry. During the Taiwan Trade Fair, the delegation will visit the Xiamen Industrial Park and carry out exchanges and negotiations with Xiamen Industrial Park on further cooperation

as we all know, in the highly competitive market, it is not easy for mainland products to open up the Taiwan market. Xiagong is a new brand in Taiwan market, but it can get the favor of Taiwan industry leaders in a very short time and get good sales figures. Perhaps, the experience of XCMG can provide reference for many enterprises who want to "explore the way" to Taiwan

the service is in place to seize the market opportunity

at the beginning of this year, Lin Zhenming, the leader of Taiwan's heavy machinery industry and the head of Taiwan's heavy machinery industry delegation, tentatively bought a loader from Xiamen workers and tried it in Taiwan. In his first business, the professional and exquisite after-sales service of Xiamen Engineering Group overturned Lin Zhenming's stereotype of mainland manufacturers in the past. Lin Zhenming felt more and more that he wanted to have a long-term relationship with Xiamen workers. As a result, one set has changed to eight sets, and now he has distributed 100 sets. It took only a few months for Lin Zhenming to start "intimate exchanges" with Xiamen Construction Engineering Group

Lin Zhenming pointed out that compared with Japanese and Korean products, mainland products have price advantages and quality assurance, and after-sales service is the key to "pry open" the market. According to Lin Zhenming, the price advantage is not long-term, and product quality and service are the key to retain guests. Previously, Taiwan had many mainland products, but they were imported into the island based on price, and there was no so-called follow-up service. Often the first one you buy becomes an "orphan", so there has been no scale effect. Lin Zhenming stressed, "the product may not be perfect, but the post treatment attitude is very important, and the confidence of guests is here!"

don't rule out setting up factories in Taiwan for production

Xia Xia Xia, who is responsible for business operations: Cai kuiquan, President of Xiagong, pointed out that Xiagong and Taiwan used to have indirect transactions, and there was no direct transaction. Now it is a great breakthrough in the history of Xiagong to establish a direct agent model and complete the transaction through direct flights. Cai kuiquan analyzed that Taiwan's construction machinery market is mainly a second-hand equipment market. In the past, there were few products from the mainland, and the prices of Xiamen Industrial Products in Taiwan are very competitive. In addition, with the help of Xiamen GEO, there will be no need to use the advantages of copper wire network, and rapid and meticulous after-sales service can be achieved

as a Korean, the president also understands the strategic significance of cooperation with Taiwan. Cai kuiquan pointed out that the overall scale of the Taiwan market is not very large. Xiamen Construction Engineering Group does not mainly rely on the Taiwan market to increase its performance, but the development of the Taiwan market has a huge impact. From the perspective of both sides, economic exchanges must change the pattern of unilateral transactions, and enterprises can also create profits from a bilateral perspective. Chen Ling, chairman of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group, also confidently pointed out that Xiamen Construction Engineering Group has opened a batch of direct flights to Taiwan. In the future, if the products are sold well in the Taiwan market and the market share is increased, it cannot be ruled out that Taiwan will invest and set up factories. With the continuous contraction of the foreign secondary equipment market and the rapid growth of the mainland economy, more and more Taiwanese people are accumulating their willingness to buy mainland machinery products, and Taiwan's demand for mainland construction machinery products has great potential

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