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A biscuit automatic feeding metering packaging production process

patent type: invention patent

inventor: Li Weijun; Xu Peng

applicant: Qingdao Qingshi Co., Ltd.

main applicant address: 266111, No. 11, Shiyuan Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong Province (in 2 Qingda Industrial Park)

Application Number: 9

application date: January 4, 2006

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approval announcement date: July 19, 2006

main classification number: b65b35/30 (2006.01) I

classification number: b65b35/30 (2006.01) I; B65B35/56(2006.01)I; B65G47/248(2006.01)I; B65B1/04(2006.01)I; B65b1/30 (2006 "with the modern society expanding its welfare to the farthest part of the world we live in.01) I

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instruction CD number: d

its accessories are worth 130 euros (143 dollars) Abstract: the invention relates to a biscuit automatic feeding metering packaging production process, which is an improvement of the biscuit metering packaging process, and should belong to the technical field of food packaging. The process method adopts measures such as biscuit steering, oscillating feeding, front and rear conveying speed difference, length measurement, etc., which solves the problem that the sorted biscuits cannot be automatically connected with the packaging machine, reduces labor intensity, reduces biscuit pollution, and realizes the automatic water flow operation in the whole process of biscuit production. The process of the invention is particularly suitable for the automatic feeding, metering and packaging production of traditional rectangular biscuits

sovereignty item: 1. A biscuit automatic feeding metering and packaging production process, which is characterized in that it is carried out according to the following steps: (1) the main conveyor belt undertakes and transports the biscuits arranged into a row with a 90 ° long side; (2) Rotate the biscuit standing at 90 ° on the long side to stand at 90 ° on the short side and enter the biscuit feeding conveyor belt; (3) The biscuit feeding conveyor belt controls the feeding speed of biscuits to be slightly higher than that of the main conveyor belt, so that the biscuits enter the feeding conveyor belt in a half front dumping state, and then stand at 90 ° on the short side and enter the oscillating feeder; (4) The oscillating feeder makes the biscuits moderately elastic and delivers the materials to the automatic metering feeding device, which automatically measures the segments according to the measurement segment length set by the number of biscuits required for packaging; (5) When the biscuits received by the automatic metering feeding device reach the specified metering segment length, the oscillating feeder stops oscillating feeding; (6) The automatic metering feeding device accurately feeds the biscuit packaging machine and is packaged by the biscuit packaging machine



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