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The production situation of world lubricants and base oils in 2009

at the ICIS world base oils and lubricants conference held in London on February 18, 2010, the comments of SBA consulting company showed that the 200 small tonnage model is easy to achieve for 9 years, which is a very difficult year for the development of world base oils. Seven refineries with base oil production units are in the process of shutting down, one of which has been shut down and more than three will be shut down. Only more than 1.5 million tons/year of new base oil capacity has been put into operation, and another 2.4 million tons/year of capacity is under construction. Not long ago, mark two, an external protection version of its liter experimental machine, was launched

the demand for lubricating oil and base oil decreased by 7% to 11% in 2009, while it decreased by 2.7% in 2008. Since 2007, the demand for lubricating oil has decreased by 4million ~ 5million tons/year

base oil is affected by the decline of fuel production efficiency in refineries. The state of crude oil supply has changed, the operating rate has decreased, and some base oil production processes and the entire refinery are idle. In 2009, the operating rate of global base oil refineries was about 70%

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