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Doors and windows are indispensable for families. They guard this home and bear a large part of the responsibility for your home. So we can't be careless in choosing doors and windows, otherwise we can't buy satisfactory doors and windows at a high price. So the question is, should we choose plastic steel windows or aluminum alloy windows? To solve this problem, it is suggested to compare the following nine aspects first, and then you will find the answer

1. From the perspective of thermal insulation performance,

plastic steel windows use plastic as the main material, and the thermal conductivity of its own material is small, so the thermal insulation performance is relatively good. Aluminum alloy windows have poor heat insulation performance due to the rapid heat conduction of metal materials. Generally, in order to improve the thermal insulation effect, some thermal insulation strips will be added to achieve the thermal insulation effect. Bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows are much better than plastic steel doors and windows in this regard

2. From the perspective of durability, aluminum alloy material is harder than plastic steel, which is firm and durable. Although the middle of plastic steel will be filled with steel bars to increase hardness, it is easy to age and crack when heated, and its service life is relatively short

3. From the perspective of sound insulation effect,

aluminum alloy anti noise and sound insulation. Its structure is carefully designed with tight joints. Plastic steel doors and windows will turn yellow and deform as time goes on, and the sound insulation effect will be greatly weakened. Therefore, the sound insulation effect of aluminum alloy doors and windows is relatively stable

4. Thermal insulation

plastic steel windows have better heat dissipation and thermal insulation functions. Simply comparing materials, plastic steel is plastic and aluminum alloy is metal. It is certain that the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy will be better, but the bridge broken aluminum doors and windows in aluminum alloy windows have good thermal insulation. Therefore, it is suggested to choose colored aluminum alloy (or broken bridge aluminum) based on the thermal insulation effect

5. From the perspective of safety performance,

most of the houses now are high-rise buildings, and the higher the floor, the greater the impact of the wind on the residents. The tensile strength and elasticity of plastic steel are not as good as those of aluminum alloy. From the perspective of safety, it is more reliable for high-rise residents to choose aluminum alloy, especially in the eastern coastal area with many typhoons

6. Anti condensation and frosting of bridge broken aluminum windows

the bridge cutoff aluminum profile can realize the three seal structure of doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor chamber, successfully achieve the equal pressure balance of air and water, significantly improve the water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows, and achieve the effect of clean and bright windows

7、. Broken bridge aluminum, windproof sand, wind pressure resistance. The inner frame straight material adopts hollow design, with strong wind pressure deformation resistance and good anti vibration effect

8. Aluminum alloy windows are environmentally friendly and circular economy

aluminum doors and windows will not produce harmful substances in the production process, and all materials can be recycled and reused. They are green building materials and environmental protection products, in line with human sustainable development

9. From the perspective of appearance technology,

due to the influence of its own material, plastic steel doors and windows are mostly white, which is easy to turn yellow in the wind and sun, and the appearance will be affected after a long time. The aluminum alloy material is made of metal, and the surface will be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, so there is almost no discoloration

to sum up, it is recommended to choose aluminum alloy when sealing the balcony. It has beautiful surface, high hardness and long service life. The most important thing is good safety performance


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