Methods to avoid hollowing of tiles

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Clay tile project is one of the most important projects in home decoration, and the most important project in clay tile project is ceramic tile. Generally, it is very common for ceramic tile to appear hollowing in actual construction, so how to reduce the hollowing of ceramic tile? Here is a detailed introduction to this problem

1. Choose tiles with deep back texture

tiles will be designed in the shape of texture on the back when designing. This is to make the tiles and the wall better in close contact and will not fall off easily. It is worth noting that a deeper texture can ensure that the tiles and the cement mortar layer are partially separated but will not fall off, so you should pay attention to it when purchasing, and try not to choose tiles with too shallow back texture

2. Choose tiles with low water absorption

if you want to avoid hollowing of tiles, a good way is to avoid choosing tiles with high water absorption. When choosing tiles, you should understand their water absorption. The main detection method is to drop water on the back of tiles and judge by the speed of infiltration after the water disperses. The slower the water absorption, the greater the density of tiles. On the contrary, it means that the density of tiles is sparse, The water absorption is relatively high, so try not to choose such tiles, because if the water absorption is too high, it will be easy for the tiles to absorb water and swell and fall off

3. Good effect of choosing medium sand

another way to avoid hollowing out of ceramic tiles is to choose good sand. Generally, sand can be divided into four kinds according to the thickness: extra fine sand, fine sand, medium sand and coarse sand. The thicker the sand, the higher the strength of the cement mortar will be. However, you should know that the higher the strength, the better. Too fine sand is not a good choice, because it is difficult to stick ceramic tiles because of its poor adsorption capacity, Therefore, it is recommended to choose Zhongsha in home decoration. Because its particle size is relatively moderate, it is suitable to be used in cement mortar as an auxiliary material for pasting ceramic tiles

4. The proportion of cement and sand should be moderate

in the decoration construction, the general floor tile adopts the dry paving method, and the cement and sand are mixed in the proportion of 1:3 and mixed with a small amount of water to form. Generally, the wet paving method is adopted for laying wall tiles. It is more appropriate to mix the cement and sand in the ratio of 1:2 and then mix them with water. Too high cement mortar ratio will lead to excessive water loss after drying, resulting in hollowing of tiles

at present, the more common cement in the market is divided into four types: 225 #, 325 #, 425 # and 525 # cement. Different types of cement will meet different concrete needs. It is better to generally use 325 # cement in home decoration, because most of the cement in home decoration does not need too much bearing capacity, so it is not necessary to choose high-grade cement. In addition, when choosing cement, we should pay special attention to its quality and avoid choosing inferior products as much as possible





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