The attic uses two rooms to three rooms, and the g

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This case, in Golden Garden, is a decoration rendering of a 2-room to 3-room building made by a local couple of 90000, using unexpected space to decorate a warm and idyllic home. Now let's have a look! Decoration owner's file:

decoration owner's community: Golden elegant garden decoration area: 83 square meters decoration house type: 2 bedrooms and 1 hall to 3 bedrooms and 1 hall decoration company: participate in decoration bidding recommendation company (decoration bidding) decoration style: pastoral style decoration cost: 90000

transparent restaurant and guest room design, which is more suitable for small houses, and the style without partition can expand the space to the greatest extent. Several pots of green plants can be placed at the boundary between the two functional areas, or an ornament, chair or sofa can be placed to make the room very complete

as the corridor space facing the staircase, it can be designed as a living room or a small study




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