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the foreign market has been very active in recent years, and the competition is quite fierce. The market trade between developed countries such as the European Community in North America has continued to rebound, the exports of countries and regions such as Germany, Italy, Japan and China have expanded, and the imports of countries such as the United States, Britain and France have increased rapidly, forming the support point for the prosperity of the International Aluminum guardrail market. The economies of major countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia are in the stage of rapid development, and at the same time, the population growth and urbanization development are constantly accelerating, which has generated huge demand for various types of buildings, including residential, business, shopping, leisure, entertainment and so on. Major cities in various countries have carried out extensive urbanization transformation in recent years, providing local people with more housing, shopping malls and other facilities. Take Vietnam as an example. Since the mid-1990s, Vietnam's economy has gradually entered the track of rapid growth, with an average annual economic growth rate of 8%. According to the statistics of relevant departments in Vietnam, in recent years, Vietnam's investment in infrastructure construction and construction has increased by 16% annually. In 2010, Vietnam's investment in infrastructure construction and construction was about US $32billion

due to the further internationalization of the world economy, multinational companies will continue to promote the development of the international aluminum guardrail market, and the regionalization of international trade will become another major feature. Generally speaking, the overall trend of the foreign market is very good

China has become the production base of global aluminum guardrails and the procurement base of world buyers

the domestic market is divided into the new and expansion project market, and the old device maintenance and transformation project market. From these two markets, the supply of ordinary aluminum guardrail products is seriously oversupplied. Secondly, enterprises are competing against each other, disorderly competition, fake and shoddy products, and the market is very irregular, resulting in some aluminum guardrail manufacturers making substantial losses in the fierce competition for years. From the demand of these two markets, with the development and improvement of market economy, the market changes more and more, enterprises are more and more deeply affected by the market, users' demand for market products is higher and higher, and the demand for product development and production cycle is shorter and shorter. To sum up, it shows that the domestic market competition environment is poor

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