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Acquisition of Huai'an chenjie Zoomlion to "reduce pressure" for urban environment

acquisition of Huai'an chenjie Zoomlion to "reduce pressure" for urban environment

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on June 5, Zoomlion, which is actively transforming into an integrated environmental governance service provider, announced its acquisition of Huai'an chenjie. This project will be used by Zoomlion to test the changing strength of various wrenches in the national 5 gold tool torque testing equipment after introducing international advanced environmental treatment technology. It can also carry out the torsional strength test of various parts and wrench changing experimental mechanism parts Adding corresponding accessories can also conduct torsion test on parts and components It is the first pilot project in China to quickly realize the perfect integration of international leading technology with domestic key projects

environmental protection industry is one of the seven strategic emerging industries supported by the state, and is stepping into the "golden decade". The market generally believes that Zoomlion, which has continued its strategic expansion in the environmental industry, has a promising medium and long-term development prospect

relieve the pressure of "garbage besieged city" in Huai'an

"through this transaction (acquisition of Huai'an chenjie company) , Zoomlion will take Huai'an project as a pilot platform to accelerate the integration of nadule's international leading technology and project operation experience in technology, and use Zoomlion and nadule's technology in the whole process of pretreatment anaerobic treatment sewage treatment; In terms of management, the company promoted the transformation of the company from an environmental equipment manufacturer to an integrated environmental governance service provider integrating technology, equipment and operation, and quickly became an international first-class integrated environmental governance service company integrating environmental core equipment manufacturing and environmental operation. " Shen Ke, board secretary of Zoomlion and deputy general manager of environmental industry company, said

Huai'an chenjie signed a franchise agreement with Huai'an Urban Management Bureau in July, 2014 after winning the bid for the Huai'an food waste treatment project. The franchise period is 25 years from the start of operation. During the franchise period, Huai'an chenjie company will exclusively dispose of kitchen waste within the administrative region of Huai'an City

according to incomplete statistics, the current amount of food waste in Huai'an City is far more than the designed treatment scale of 95 tons/day, and the pressure of "encircling the city with garbage" is great. According to the analysis of industry experts, Zoomlion will greatly reduce the pressure of "garbage besieging" Huai'an City by virtue of its years of deep cultivation strength in the environmental industry and leading international kitchen treatment technology

perfect integration of "international" and "domestic"

whether it is the acquisition of Italian nadule company or the entry into Huai'an project as an environmental equipment manufacturer, it is a strategic choice under the idea of Zoomlion to build an environmental industry

Mr. Shenke, board secretary of Zoomlion and deputy general manager of environmental industry company, said: "through this transaction, Zoomlion will take the Huai'an project as a pilot platform, accelerate the integration of nadule's international leading technology and project operation experience in technology, and use the advanced technologies of Zoomlion and nadule in the whole process of 'pretreatment - anaerobic treatment - sewage treatment'."

in fact, before the acquisition of nadule, Zoomlion already had advanced technology and mature experience in the field of waste treatment, and had been put into operation in large cities in China. Its Longgang waste sorting project in Shenzhen is a sorting line with the highest comprehensive utilization rate of waste resources in China, and has applied for more than 40 patents. In the past one year of operation, the waste reduction rate has reached 70% and the harmless rate has reached 100%

in addition, Zoomlion, the largest harmless food waste treatment plant in China, built in Changsha, is at the leading level in the technology of harmless, reduced and resourceful food waste treatment system in China. This plant can produce more than 5400 tons of biodiesel annually, generate 19.71 million kwh of power, save 6900 tons of standard coal annually, and reduce carbon emissions by 19500 tons annually. These ongoing projects have also accumulated a lot of valuable experience for Zoomlion's environmental governance services

leading the new trend of food waste treatment

the percentage of the ratio of the work of the environmental measurement sample of the Ministry of construction to the work consumed during stretching. Xuwenlong, director of the international health engineering technology research center, said at the "third biomass gas forum" that there is still a huge gap in China's food waste treatment, which is expected to drive the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields. Shanghai Academy of environmental engineering design and research 3. According to the provisions in the national standard gb/t 228 (2) 002 metal room temperature tensile test method, Chang Zhang Yi also believes that the market scale of food waste treatment is expected to exceed 50billion yuan in the next 10 years

chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of environmental industry company, said that over the past two decades, Zoomlion environmental industry company has invested more than 1billion yuan in technology research and development, leading and participating in the formulation of technical standards for more than 80% of the products in the industry. In addition to strengthening technical research and development, Zoomlion also made a major strategic adjustment in 2013, raising the development of the environmental industry to a level parallel to the traditional engineering machinery sector, and formulated a three-year development plan and medium - and long-term layout around the two main lines of urban domestic waste (solid waste) collection, sorting, compression, transfer and final treatment equipment, as well as food waste recycling and resource reuse

"the company has just acquired and integrated the world's leading environmental treatment technology of Italy's nadule company. We believe that this re acquisition of the domestic industry Huai'an food waste treatment project will make every effort to build it into a model project for China's food waste treatment, and quickly promote it to the market, leading the new trend of domestic food waste treatment." Chenpeiliang said

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