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Honeywell acquires Sparta systems to strengthen its life science and software business ® The combination of process knowledge system (PKS) will create more value for customers in the life science field in the United States, Europe and Asia

Honeywell will use Sparta's technology to further promote global business growth and enter new market areas, including highly regulated vertical markets that rely on advanced process technology

sparta's technology will help Honeywell accelerate significant business progress, Further enter the life science market and strengthen Honeywell's existing advanced automation and process control technology business portfolio

on December 22, 2020, Honeywell announced that it would acquire Sparta systems (hereinafter referred to as Sparta) held by new mountain capital private equity company with a cash transaction of US $1.3 billion. Sparta is a leading supplier of enterprise quality management software (QMS) in the field of Life Sciences (including the following 1. The measurement of the force value of the tensile testing machine is completed through the force measuring sensor, amplifier and data processing system to measure the next generation SaaS platform). Through this acquisition, Honeywell further consolidated its market leading position in industrial automation, digital transformation solutions and enterprise performance management software

Honeywell will fully combine its global resources, Honeywell forge solutions and Sparta expertise to launch new integrated solutions for life sciences and related industries, including QMS products and services. Honeywell's advanced digital QMS solution will help customers actively improve product quality, so as to improve new therapies, shorten time to market, improve business results and patient efficacy, and effectively ensure compliance

que Dallara, President and CEO of Honeywell enterprise Zhilian business, pointed out that:

Saint Gobain high performance plastic (SGPPL) therefore became the first company to obtain TORLON Pai injection molding processing qualification in two different regions of the world. "Trackwise digital of Sparta ® And SM are useful supplements to Honeywell forge's enterprise performance management software, which can help manufacturers in the life science industry further improve the interconnection between product quality and production data. Through the combination of the two, customers can more easily obtain key insights from production and quality data, continuously optimize production processes, and ensure product quality, patient safety and supply chain continuity. "

for more than 30 years, Honeywell has been serving the world's leading pharmaceutical and biomedical enterprises through continuous innovation in automation technology, systems and services. The company's product portfolio includes: advanced automation and process control solutions to supervise continuous and batch processing and ensure quality stability; Data acquisition and recording solutions that simplify processes and ensure compliance; And technologies to ensure auditability, optimize production and speed up product launch, while ensuring quality and repeatability. Among them, Honeywell's fast track automation solution helps manufacturers in the life science industry accelerate the development and production of important vaccines and medical therapies

Rajeev Gautam, President and CEO of Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group, said:

"Sparta is a perfect complement to our life science business portfolio. Sparta's capabilities will first help us achieve major business progress plans in the life science field. In addition, we also plan to combine Honeywell's global resources and expertise to further rapidly expand Sparta's capabilities and serve more markets. We are very optimistic about the development prospects in the life science and pharmaceutical fields, and firmly believe that Sparta and Honeywell will Synergy is formed in many aspects, including Honeywell enterprise Zhilian, Honeywell forge and Honeywell process control department. "

sparta is headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey, with about 250 employees worldwide. Spa the overall demand of China's domestic plastic machinery market is growing steadily RTA provides services to more than 400 customers, including 42 global top 50 pharmaceutical companies and 33 global top 50 medical device companies

dana Jones, CEO of Sparta, said:

"Many enterprises urgently need a quality management software solution with advanced digital functions to effectively fully automate, optimize and standardize quality processes. Combining Sparta's leading QMS platform with Honeywell's existing process automation and software products will create a unique comprehensive solution, enabling customers to focus on value-added services to accelerate business growth."

Honeywell will continue to improve trackwise digital QMS by introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that enhance human decision-making. Meanwhile, Honeywell will detect production abnormalities and classify quality events in near real time through the interconnection between IOT enabled quality and operation data. These continuous innovations help customers proactively solve quality problems, improve safety and ensure compliance

pete masucci, managing director of new mountain capital, said:

"since cooperating with Sparta in 2017, the company has launched the only artificial intelligent QMS solution, expanded the SaaS user base by 2.5 times, and invested heavily in product research and development. We are looking forward to seeing Sparta continue to flourish within Honeywell."

the acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2021. The entry into force of the acquisition agreement has yet to meet the usual closing conditions, and the piston and oil cylinder shall be replaced at the production plant after being approved by the regulatory authority. The acquisition does not affect Honeywell's 2020 financial outlook

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