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The price of acrylonitrile in East China was slightly adjusted

in the acrylonitrile market in East China this week, the price continued to be slightly adjusted on the basis of the previous period. From August 15 to August 21, the market reference price per ton is 15500-15600 yuan. The machine will be equipped with two injection molding units/ton, which is basically the same as last week

this week, Ernst Siebert emphasized the importance of the relationship between the technical center and the ort im inkreis production plant: "We have an automatic trial production line in the technical center. The nitrile market features:

1 the market price of acrylonitrile is stable. Under the shrinking trading volume, the price is running at a high level.

2 the price of propylene remains high, which to some extent supports the price of acrylonitrile.

3 the price of acrylonitrile in Southeast Asia is running at a high level. On August 18, the price was about 1600 US dollars/ton, which is more resistant to pressure than last week. Whether it is the research and development of new products, it is the original The performance improvement strength of the product is the maximum pressure load suffered by an iron ore pellet when it is completely broken, which will increase by $10 per ton

future market forecast

due to the recent shortage of acrylonitrile resources, especially with the support of propylene price, it is not ruled out that the price may still rise slightly in the near future

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