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In the past week, Zoomlion has announced two merger and acquisition plans in a row to acquire environmental protection industry enterprises at home and abroad

for a long time, Zoomlion has been labeled as a construction machinery enterprise by the outside world. However, in the past two years, the company has emphasized that its long-term strategy is to focus on developing three major sectors in the future, including construction machinery, agricultural machinery and environmental industries. These successive acquisitions show that Zoomlion has begun to focus on the transformation from an environmental equipment provider to an overall environmental scheme and investment operator

cross border acquisitions

on June 1, Zoomlion announced that on the same day, the company, together with Mandalin fund, reached an agreement with its shareholders on the acquisition of 75% of the equity of Italian ladurner company: the two sides plan to jointly invest 75million euros, equivalent to about 508million yuan, and acquire 75% of the equity of Italian ladurner company (hereinafter referred to as "nadule company") through the acquisition of old shares and the increase of capital and shares, of which Zoomlion plans to invest 57million euros, Equivalent to about 386million yuan, it obtained 57% equity of Italian ladurner company

according to the information disclosed by Zoomlion, nadule was founded in 1990, and has invested and operated more than 30 environmental projects in Italy and other countries around the world. Its business areas include urban solid waste treatment, sewage sludge treatment, renewable energy, soil reclamation, environmental consulting services, etc. Nadule company has accumulated rich experience in environmental industry process, project contracting, operation, management and innovation. It has mature operation experience and good engineering performance in various types of projects. Its incineration power generation technology, anaerobic and aerobic technology, sewage treatment technology and RDF technology are at the international leading level. It has accumulated rich experience in environmental industry process, project contracting, operation, management and innovation, It has many internationally advanced technologies

Andersen Securities believes that this acquisition will transform Zoomlion from an equipment provider to an overall environmental scheme and investment operator. After the successful acquisition, the company will integrate the international leading technology and project operation experience accumulated by nadule in the environmental industry over the years, rapidly expand the environmental industry market in both international and domestic markets, and copy the successful operation experience abroad to China. Under the PPP operation mode vigorously promoted by the national environmental protection industry, the company will quickly expand from the field of environmental sanitation machinery to the field of environmental industry, Realize the transformation from equipment supplier to environmental industry overall scheme and investment operator. At the same time, nadule has more than 30 overseas environmental operation projects, providing the company with a stable source of profits

as a matter of fact, Zoomlion's sanitation machinery has ranked first in the domestic market for many years, especially the industrialization of kitchen waste treatment, construction waste treatment and waste sorting equipment

the implementation of the first franchise project

Zoomlion may hope to complete the transformation from an environmental equipment supplier to an overall environmental scheme and investment operation as soon as possible

following the acquisition of Italian nadule company on June 1, Zoomlion announced on June 5 that it had reached an agreement with its shareholders on the acquisition of 96% equity of Huai'an chenjie company. In this transaction, Zoomlion invested 45.7376 million yuan to acquire 96% equity of Huai'an chenjie company

Zoomlion said that the signing of this agreement marks the landing of the company's first franchise project after its transformation to an integrated environmental governance service provider. This project will also be Zoomlion's first project pilot in China after introducing international advanced environmental governance technologies, so as to quickly realize the perfect integration of international leading technologies with domestic key projects

Huai'an chenjie signed a franchise agreement with Huai'an Urban Management Bureau in July, 2014 after winning the bid for the Huai'an food waste treatment project. The franchise period is twenty-five years from the start of operation. During the franchise period, Huai'an chenjie company will exclusively dispose of kitchen wastes within the administrative areas of Huai'an City, including Qinghe District, Qingpu District, Huaiyin District, Huai'an District, economic development zone, ecological new city, industrial park, Hongze County and Lianshui County. Huai'an chenjie has the right to invest in the project, design, construction, operation management, technical transformation, equipment maintenance and obtain government subsidies for the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of kitchen waste. At the same time, Huai'an Municipal government will assist Huai'an chenjie to effectively collect kitchen waste during the franchise period, and pay government subsidies for the collection, transportation and disposal of kitchen waste on a monthly basis

the franchise agreement also stipulates that the construction content of the franchise project for the collection, transportation and treatment of kitchen waste in Huai'an City is "centralized collection and transportation + pretreatment + anaerobic digestion + treatment of 'three wastes' after the treatment of kitchen waste". The construction scale of phase I is: the design treatment capacity is 95 tons/day (including gutter oil treatment). The project is currently in the early stage of construction, It is expected to start trial operation before the end of the year. Maozhan refining and chemical base has the conditions to become a world-class refining and chemical base

according to incomplete statistics, the current amount of food waste in Huai'an City is far more than the designed treatment scale of 95 tons/day, and the pressure of "garbage besieging the city" is great. It is expected that the investment scale will continue to be expanded in the later stage to improve the treatment capacity of food waste

Zoomlion entered the Huai'an project as a manufacturer of environmental equipment in the early stage. Under the guidance of the company's strategic idea of building an environmental industry, Zoomlion decided to take the initiative and made a takeover offer to Huai'an chenjie company, the main contractor of Huai'an kitchen treatment project

Shen Ke, board secretary of Zoomlion and deputy general manager of environmental industry company, said, "Through this transaction, Zoomlion will take the Huai'an project as a pilot platform to accelerate the technical integration of the international leading biodegradable technologies and project operation experience of nadule company. From pretreatment to anaerobic treatment to sewage treatment, Zoomlion and nadule will mainly research, produce and use functional membrane materials in four categories of emerging industrial fields: represented by pen membrane, which are used in aerospace, motor vehicles and Microcomputers Electrical and other special insulating materials; New optoelectronic materials, represented by LCD film, used in mobile terminals, smart, personal computers and other liquid crystal displays; New energy, energy conservation and environmental protection materials represented by solar backplane lining film and used in solar photovoltaic, energy-saving building decoration, etc; Computers used in membrane switches, flexible printed circuit boards, etc. use the technology of new material dulle company; In terms of management, the company promoted the transformation of the company from an environmental equipment manufacturer to an integrated environmental governance service provider integrating technology, equipment and operation, and quickly became an international first-class integrated environmental governance service company integrating environmental core equipment manufacturing and environmental operation. "

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