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The merger and acquisition of PMP group, a paper technology and service provider, has further strengthened the strength of Valmet. Release date: Source: China paper media. On September 11, 2020, Valmet signed an agreement with PMP group on the merger and acquisition. The M & a price is nearly 64million euros, which is composed of a sudden break, plus a conditional and total amount limited profitability payment plan. The transaction is expected to be completed as early as october1,2020

pmp group provides process technology and services to global paper, paperboard machine and household paper manufacturers. Its main business is focused on the transformation of small and medium household paper machines and paper machines and paperboard machines. The company's net sales in financial year 2019 are nearly 70million euros, with about 650 employees, most of whom are located in Poland, and the rest in China, the United States and Italy

Jari V H pesola, President of Valmet paper business line, said: "M & A integrates two companies with different business scopes and customer groups. PMP's technology and services in small and medium-sized paper machines, paperboard machines and household paper machines have played a very good role in improving our current technical service system for the construction and transformation of wide width and fast paper machines. Their service scope, strength and participation in key markets will certainly create new business opportunities for us and make Valmet a global paper maker , paperboard and toilet paper producers' ability to provide services was further strengthened. PMP has a highly skilled service team, and I am very happy and warmly welcome them to join Valmet. "

miros aw pietraszek, chairman of PMP group, said: "joining Valmet has enabled PMP, which has a long history in the pulp and paper industry, to embark on a new journey. This is also a take-off on our future development path. We firmly believe that the integration of technology, production and human resources between the two companies in major markets will enable us to leap to a new level and ultimately benefit the entire paper industry."

pmp group - a company with a long history of pulping and papermaking

pmp group is a supplier of paper, paperboard and household paper equipment and services, with a professional service history of more than 165 years. 650 employees are located in jelenia g ó RA and wiecie in Poland, Changzhou in China, South Beloit in the United States and Lucca in Italy

about Valmet

Valmet is the world's leading developer and supplier of pulp, paper and energy industries, providing customers with process technology, automation and service businesses. Our vision is to become the best service provider in the world

Valmet has strong technical strength, providing production lines including pulping, household paper, paper and paperboard, as well as power plants using biomass energy. Our advanced service and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of a series of chain reactions caused by overload of customer processes, and improve the effective utilization of raw materials and energy

the coke price in Pingdingshan area of Weihe River fell by 30. The second net sales of virtue in 2019 was about 3.5 billion euros. Our 13000 professionals serve our customers all over the world and are committed to promoting our customers' daily operations. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Valmet is listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki Stock Exchange

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