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The largest acrylic glass curtain wall in Asia was settled in Chengdu polar ocean world on November 2, 2009, the largest acrylic glass curtain wall in Asia was settled in Chengdu polar ocean world. It is an eye opener with its high transparency and strong pressure resistance. It will be used for curtain wall of Chengdu polar ocean world shark Museum and installed by American Renault company. The construction of Chengdu polar ocean world is also actively under way. The main venue has been fully capped, and the commitment will be further fulfilled. As a well-known way to instigate composite tourism products: LCD (liquid crystal display) brand project, Chengdu polar ocean world has stipulated a scale of 180000 square meters to build the chief composite Trade Center in the south of the international city, the only polar ocean theme park in the southwest, and the largest acrylic glass curtain wall in Asia imported from American Renault company with huge investment, It marks that all the planning and construction of Chengdu polar ocean world are customized according to international standards: no matter how much money is spent, no matter how much effort is spent. Therefore, only by adopting international advanced technology and adding the most subtle details perfectly can we perfectly build a polar ocean park with the largest scale in the sea, the most complete marine life and the most advanced measures. Such "extravagant" construction specifications, It is almost never seen in the development of tourism brand projects in Chengdu

as the only polar ocean park in Southwest China, Chengdu polar ocean world is jointly built by the world's top planning and design teams and domestic top construction teams. After several months, the main venue will be capped. This represents a milestone in the progress of the Chengdu polar ocean world project, and is also a further fulfillment of the promise of the happy start of 2010 for Chengdu Fanbo citizens. Its main venue is different from other marine aquariums for display and viewing. It is the first and only comprehensive exhibition hall in Southwest China that integrates indoor and outdoor environment, polar marine animal exhibition and interactive performance. With the design concept of marine paleontological bionic architecture, its building area reaches 14469.9 square meters. After completion, it will be the largest marine animal performance hall and happy theater in Asia, receiving about 4million tourists a year

in addition to the unique polar ocean park in Southwest China, Chengdu polar ocean world is still the only large-scale open ocean theme Trade Park in Southwest China that integrates tourism, leisure, catering, entertainment, shopping, shelter and other functions. It strongly gathers 600000 high-income people in the high-end residential area and central business district in the south of the international city, including more than one million high-end passers-by in trade, culture, education, entertainment industry and other industries in the south of the international city, Comprehensively establish the central position of the international city south as the chief composite Trade Center, and the appreciation prospect is unlimited. Tourism Avenue, with large bay shops with an average height of more than 6 meters, covers a rich range of supporting trade; Bandao street, a high-end business entertainment and leisure center, and an 8000 ㎡ inner lake landscape constitute a trade block around the lake; Together, the two have created a wealth coast for trade giants and retail giants

watch beluga whales and dolphins jump in the air with passion and soar on the water with shock. Appreciate the naive attitude of polar bears, northern sea lions and penguins, which are mainly single space electronic universal experimental machines. Feel the profound vastness that infects the polar ocean, and experience the joy and passion of non unity. It is in the polar ocean world of Chengdu

relevant data:

1. Total building area of shark Museum: 2900 ㎡

2. This acrylic glass is the largest single piece in Asia. The cost is tens of millions. It is designed and produced by American Renault company and the safety level is 0.5/1000

3. As the world's top producer of acrylic glass, Renault has a unique production process. This piece of glass can be made into a complete 12m piece at one time × 4m × 95mm。

4. This method improves the technical advantages of the predecessors: acrylic glass, as the window of the shark Museum, achieves 97% fidelity, allowing tourists to see the water more clearly and truly, as if they were on the seabed

5. Reno's products have also been used in famous projects: Hong Kong Ocean Park, the largest underwater world in the United States, Dubai ocean world and so on

opening time: Summer 2010

project progress: the main hall has been fully capped, each single Hall has been fully capped, the civil engineering has reached 95%, and the installation of equipment has been fully started

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