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Shenzhen University Town: Tsinghua University, Peking University and Harbin Institute of technology are all here, and wi

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founded in 2001, Shenzhen University Town is the only research-oriented university group in China that is approved by the Ministry of education and jointly organized by local governments and first-class universities to train full-time graduate students

Shenzhen University Town, which covers an area of 1.54 square kilometers, is composed of three school running institutions: Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University and Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), with 12911 full-time students

Liu Ying, director of Shenzhen University Town Management Office, said: in the past 10 years, more than 80% of the graduate education of common 2 isocyanates in Shenzhen has been completed in three schools cultivated by the university town. The number of doctors, masters and international students in Shenzhen University Town is almost the largest in Shenzhen. Relevant statistics show that there are 1639 doctoral students and 8581 master's students in Shenzhen University Town, far more than 2691 undergraduate students

objectively speaking, Shenzhen University Town, which is positioned to cultivate high-end talents, has set a benchmark for school running and scientific research innovation in Shenzhen

in the past ten years, Shenzhen University Town has trained a large number of talents for the reform and development of Shenzhen. More than 50% of these graduates stayed in Shenzhen and contributed to the economic development of Shenzhen. Therefore, Shenzhen University Town is not only a highland of talent accumulation, talent training, scientific research, but also a highland of culture and innovation

the unique university town must have its own uniqueness

the construction of the university town has always been a significant stroke in the development of higher education in China. It is accompanied by the non local running of Chinese universities and the university enrollment expansion policy. Most university towns are relatively homogeneous, and there are few cases of innovation in management mode

however, Shenzhen University Town, as a unique university town in China, has very prominent characteristics

the three schools in Shenzhen University Town have their own characteristics, but at the same time, the three schools are like a family. What bridge does the family connect through? This is the Management Office of the university town. The management office, formerly known as the office of Shenzhen University Town Management Committee, was established in October 2003. It is an institution directly under the municipal government at the deputy bureau level. It is an innovative institution established by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to establish, manage and serve the university town

this is not a university, serving the University; It's not the government. It represents the origin of the working ideas of the government

as a management platform, the management office has created a concept of resource sharing from the beginning. Through some shared resources, such as Shenzhen University Town Library, it will share services to three schools. At the same time, because the three schools are all first-class research universities in China, the management office also provides shared scientific research resources, including scientific and technological literature resources, basic information network resources, etc

therefore, Shenzhen University City Network Center also serves these three schools at the same time

especially with the development of IT technology, Shenzhen University Town has found that it is increasingly necessary to build a first-class platform to serve teachers and students. For example, how to build a first-class smart campus and park, and how to provide a better experience for students' scientific research. This is not only the common problem faced by the three schools, but also the development of the whole university town park

Liu Ying, director of Shenzhen University Town Management Office, said:

we very much hope that Huawei, such a world-class ICT solution supplier, will build a good platform for us to provide better services to the three schools

new experience of Wi Fi 6

unlike other university towns, Shenzhen university town itself has inherent advantages in network construction. Shenzhen University Town has a shared campus infrastructure network. At the same time, in IPv6 network, it is also the main node in Shenzhen, radiating universities in the city

at the same time, Shenzhen University Town has also established a partnership with Pengcheng laboratory. In this way, we can use the university town to build the future network experimental facilities, build the backbone node in Shenzhen and the network information resource convergence node in Pengcheng laboratory Bay area, and devote ourselves to building a new smart AI campus and education cloud platform

from the perspective of the park, the importance of Wi Fi in the campus is irreplaceable. Therefore, Shenzhen University Town has successfully built the first Wi Fi 6 standard wireless campus case in China. The reasons for choosing the Wi Fi 6 technology solution are as follows

first, there will be many high bandwidth applications in college parks. If you use large bandwidth services in college parks with 10000 or 20000 people, it will be a pressure on the network

second, the students in Shenzhen University Town are mainly graduate students from Tsinghua University, Peking University and Harbin Institute of technology. They mainly do scientific research. They spend more time in the laboratory than in the classroom, and there are a large number of special scientific research equipment in the laboratory. They need a more high-speed and stable basic wireless network as a necessary condition for scientific research

indeed, taking the application scenario of 4K smart real wireless office as an example, Wi Fi 6 makes the experience transition to HD, which is a leap forward experience upgrade. At the same time, it also makes vr/ar immersive interactive teaching and other applications possible

for these reasons, Shenzhen University Town has long targeted Wi Fi 6. Director Liu Ying said:

Huawei's Wi Fi 6 product is a very leading technology, and the product is also very mature. Therefore, in the promotion of smart campus, we want to use this technology to solve specific problems and become a truly first-class smart campus

it is understood that the future goal of Shenzhen University Town is to reach a scale of 31000 people by 2025. From this point of view, in the application scenario of higher concurrency and greater bandwidth, choosing Wi Fi 6 is a very wise choice

set a benchmark for National University Parks

through the construction of smart parks, Shenzhen University Town has achieved many obvious digital improvements. For example, the proportion of interaction between teachers and students in the classroom increased by 40%, the simulation efficiency of scientific research simulation increased by 30%, the operation and maintenance manpower decreased by 60%, and the use of energy consumption decreased by 30%

in fact, these digital improvements are inseparable from the grasp of Shenzhen University Town in every detail. For example, the construction of Zhijian Park faces three major challenges

first, stable connection: IOT IOT business requires terminal connection to be sustainable. Terminals need to maintain stable connection whether in fixed or mobile state, and data packet loss is not allowed, which puts forward higher requirements for networks

second, high bandwidth: for cloud services such as Huawei cloudlink video solution (4K conference, wireless projection), cloud VR education, AR education, etc., it is necessary to provide greater service bandwidth (north-south direction) to ensure the effective transmission of service data

third, simplify operation and maintenance: the traditional manual equipment centered operation and maintenance guarantee means adopts the post-processing method, so it takes several hours from the occurrence of faults or threats to the completion of disposal, which has a great impact on normal office production activities

Sun Tao, director of the network center of Shenzhen University Town Management Office, said:

building a carrier at the level of basic network, and carrying different businesses on it is our goal. This is not only in line with the maximization of the interests of all parties, but also the best solution from the perspective of technology. Because this can reduce repeated investment and management complexity as much as possible

in addition to the basic requirements of speed, the future oriented network should also have intelligent characteristics, that is, relying on emerging technologies such as ai/ml to realize the experience guarantee of network and business, and meet the needs of network deployment, operation and maintenance, security and so on

to this end, Huawei provides an industry-leading one-stop management center, which provides customers with fully automated deployment, intelligent network operation and maintenance, and active security defense services relying on core components such as AC controller, campusinsight, CIS, etc

taking the construction plan of Shenzhen University Town as an example, Huawei provides rich products for the infrastructure layer through the centralized management of a full range of network devices, and provides various cloud based operation and maintenance and deployment work through efficient strategic deployment, decentralized and domain operation and maintenance. Finally, through an open platform, range switching: during the experimental process, a large number of rich applications are incubated with the increase of experimental power

Shenzhen is building a leading demonstration area. Shenzhen University Town, as a benchmark for the integration of industry, University and research in Shenzhen, its first adoption of Wi Fi 6 networks, its understanding of the construction of Zhijian Park, including the concept of providing services based on platform construction with Huawei, can be transformed from practice to experience, and become an example for other university towns and even university parks that need to replace oil filters

the story of Huawei working with partners to help qianhang Baiye customers realize digitalization and intelligence continues. Do you want to know more? Please pay attention to Huawei China ecological conference 2020, see you in Shenzhen from February 13 to 14

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