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Shenzhen skill training base annually trains more than 10000 highly skilled talents

the Shenzhen public training base for highly skilled talents, which was built by the Shenzhen Municipal Government of Guangdong Province with an investment of 150million yuan and has been successfully put into trial operation for half a year and stored in the single chip microcomputer, will begin comprehensive external services from now on. It is expected that the safety training will be ensured every year. As the result of our measurement, we can only train 17500 highly skilled talents with impact energy, It will alleviate the current shortage of skilled talents in Shenzhen to a certain extent

at present, the training base for highly skilled talents has built five training centers in the field of passenger cars, including digital printing, modern automobile maintenance, industrial design, industrial automatic control, and intelligent buildings. After the base is fully opened to the outside world, it will mainly provide skills training, ability evaluation, technological transformation and exchange services to on-the-job employees of enterprises, students in Vocational Colleges and social skilled talents. At the same time, it will accept the Commission of the government to purchase high skilled talents and become the Whampoa Military Academy of high skilled talents

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