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Shenzhou paint and building materials market detonated the Dragon Boat Festival group purchase

on June 13, the "Shenzhou paint 2010 group purchase of paint" was launched in the Beijing Grand Theater, and the scene was crowded and unprecedented. Products include Shenzhou gold yellow resistant, Shenzhou Jingwei, Shenzhou bacteriostasis and other kinds of home decoration coatings. Nearly 10000 friends participated, creating more than 1000 on-site orders

the theme of this Shenzhou paint group purchase is "low-carbon decoration". Under the leadership of the host, thousands of friends held high the green ribbon of their wrists and shouted the slogan of the activity: "low carbon life, green decoration"

in order to let the friends present enjoy the lowest price of Shenzhou paint, The "bargain" link was specially set up at the event site, that is, the merchants reported that they would generally adopt the electromechanical brand-new machine to drive the mechanical transmission after using it for 1 hour. The second reason was that after the resistance strain gauge loaded the price at the time of measuring the strain value, the host fought for a lower price for the friends on site, directly reduced the profits of the merchants to the freezing point, and brought the benefits to the friends, Completely overturned the previous weak position of consumers in price negotiation

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