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During the exhibition period from March 18 to March 20, Shi maisai will not only display traditional safety door locks, foot switches, safety magnetic switches, etc., but also bring the latest products, such as srb301lc, a highly competitive safety relay in the current market. The "annual new product award" issued by China Automation Society in 2007. It has the characteristics of novel design, beautiful appearance, powerful function and high cost performance. The standard 35mm guide rail can be used for the use and installation of handrails, center console, instrument panel, doormat and other car interiors that need to be connected and fixed. The width dimension is 22.5MM, which is convenient for designers to fix; 24V working voltage, 4 LEDs can clearly visualize its working state; More cooling holes make it suitable for higher ambient temperature. For the first time in recent years, the relay allows single channel or double channel input for landing, and can monitor PNP type output signals such as emergency stop button, limit switch, door interlock switch, pull wire stop switch, contactor contact, and safety light curtain; 3-channel redundant safety output and 1 pay attention to turn off the main motor source circuit monitoring output, which can reach the en safety level category 4, and meet the vast majority of safety protection occasions. Especially in terms of price, it can use 3-high mill or shear mixer, which has been widely used and recognized by customers. In addition, on March 19, Shi maisai will jointly hold a seminar with its agents in Kunming on the theme of "safe production", which is rich in content. I am sure you will gain something from this trip

time: March 18 - March 20

location: Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center


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