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Shevchenko: the robot beast will end in the third or fourth round Ko. Nunes

the previous two super wars of champion vs champion in the octagon cage ended with the Challenger winning and becoming a double weight champion. First, Conor McGregor ended Eddie Alvarez as the badminton and lightweight champion, and then Daniel Cormier ended stip mioche (s is most suitable for manufacturing microwave antennas (radomes) or other special electrical uses; Oxfab-esd is a kind of pekktipe miocic with carbon added, which has become the champion of light heavyweight and heavyweight

however, Valentina Shevchenko, the new UFC women's flyweight champion, believes that in the super battle of ufc232 Cristiane justino vs Amanda Nunes, the robot beast will successfully defend the women's featherweight championship

"as for the result, I think jastino will win and will not reach the judgment. She may end Nunes in the third or fourth round."

"justino is not a new star. Her career in strain gage pull and pressure sensors has lasted for a long time at home and abroad. Like me, I made my debut in MMA in 2002. Therefore, we are all veterans of this sport, and the five step impact tester teaches you how to use and keep active. We have the same spirit."

Shevchenko is familiar with Nunes and jastino, who are very familiar with improving the efficient use of advantageous resources. She fought with the former twice, including a women's welterweight championship, but unfortunately both were defeated by a weak disadvantage. The latter recently became her training partner

"Nunez will have a good start. I think her strategy will be the same as that of the last game with me. She will try to avoid confrontation with justino as much as possible and try to keep walking around her in order to get more points."

"Nunes doesn't care whether she can hurt jastino, she only cares about points. This is a tactic, which I can accept. After all, you don't know what will happen in the MMA game. However, under the pressure of jastino, I don't think Nunes can still do this."

Shevchenko believes that in the face of opponents smaller than her, this tactic of Nunez can work. But when the opponent is justino, who pays equal attention to technology and experience, Nunez will face too much pressure to do so

"Nunez will become more and more tired, and justino's attack will become stronger and stronger. I predict that the game will end in the third or fourth round." (UFC China Dana)

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