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Shenzhou information intelligent service helps Midea refrigeration transform into "smart manufacturing"

recently, Shenzhou information signed an it terminal desktop service contract with Midea refrigeration company, with a contract amount of more than 44 million yuan. As a leading enterprise in China's leading IT service industry, Shenzhou information plays an increasingly prominent role in promoting the upgrading of China's intelligent manufacturing industry

under the guidance of the national "made in China 2025" policy, China's manufacturing enterprises have accelerated towards intelligent manufacturing, and informatization, as an important guarantee for enterprise competitiveness and operational efficiency, has also become an important focus of manufacturing transformation. In order to strengthen internal control, promote refined management and realize it cost reduction and efficiency increase, it operation and maintenance management outsourcing is adopted by more and more enterprises. With the acceleration of intelligent upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, by 2020, the output value of China's intelligent manufacturing will be 2. The growth of the main business income of China's paper industry is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan, and it operation and maintenance management outsourcing will also usher in new growth space

at present, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing many pain points in the field of it operation and maintenance. For example, the IT operation and maintenance system used is relatively elementary, with a low degree of intelligence, high dependence on IT staff, and high human resource costs and risks. In addition, there are also problems such as the failure problem solving rate is not up to standard for a long time, the on-site response is not as good as expected, and the ability to support business operation is insufficient. The standardization of services needs to be improved. In addition, it operation and maintenance providers tend to be more involved in enterprise operations, and their service qualification and reliability also perplex enterprises

lead the standardization of IT services and be the intelligent operation and maintenance steward of users

Midea is a leading household appliance manufacturing enterprise in China. Through more than ten years of it operation and maintenance outsourcing, it has basically established a unified outsourcing service delivery mode, unified service interface, standardized project management and service delivery. For further improvement of internal use σ 0.2 indicates the refined management level of the Department. Midea hopes to further improve and optimize the desktop operation and maintenance system, including improving the service desk rate, reducing the human risk of operation and maintenance, strengthening on-site response, etc., and promoting the upgrading of enterprise informatization

as the pioneer and promoter of China's IT service standard ITSS, Shenzhou information has been leading and promoting the development of China's informatization process and information service industry with business model and technological product innovation, providing integrated IT services for key industries of the national economy such as finance, government and enterprises, telecommunications, agriculture, etc., and is an important force in the construction of Digital China

in the field of intelligent operation and maintenance, the sharp service v4.0 product system launched by Shenzhou information replaces manual operation with automatic and intelligent operation and maintenance, compresses the space for manual intervention, and continuously improves the big data analysis ability and service quality of operation and maintenance services. In addition, we will continue to improve service quality and customer perception, and realize the upgrading of IT services from passive services to active services. With the continuous promotion and coverage of Ruihang's services, Shenzhou information has built a new ecosystem of intelligent operation and maintenance services, established good cooperative relations with three major operators, many banks and other customers, and established a leading position in the domestic third-party IT maintenance service market

this time, the intelligent services provided by China information for Midea, based on the full life cycle service design, the resource integration of the whole industry and technology, and the construction of tools with high integration of the whole platform, will further optimize the IT desktop basic operation and maintenance service system under the premise of ensuring the smooth continuity and transition of Midea's it operation and maintenance services, and provide strong support for lean management and intelligent manufacturing of enterprises

go deep into the manufacturing industry to expand the intelligent operation and maintenance market space

it is worth noting that intelligent services are the dominant business of China information, and have become an important development pillar of the company. The 2017 financial report of Shenzhou information showed that the company's total operating revenue was 8.187 billion yuan, of which the revenue from intelligent service business was 2.621 billion yuan, accounting for 32%. The project will effectively improve the operation and management ability and efficiency of manufacturing enterprises, and become an important starting point for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, which has seriously affected the accuracy of experimental machines. The intelligent operation and maintenance service of Shenzhou information will provide strong technical support for the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

this cooperation is an important breakthrough of Shenzhou information it outsourcing services in China's intelligent manufacturing field, and has important demonstration significance for subsequent companies to further expand the manufacturing market and support the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. At the same time, the project will also strengthen the company's pollution-free and low-noise market coverage and business layout in the Pearl River Delta, and play a positive role in promoting the company's business growth in South China

Shenzhou information said that it is inevitable for China's it operation and maintenance services to upgrade from automation to intelligence, and the annual growth rate of the intelligent operation and maintenance market may exceed 30% in the next few years. As an important development direction of Shenzhou information in the future, with the rapid development of intelligent transformation of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, the company's intelligent operation and maintenance services will usher in a broader market space

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