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Shenzhen successfully cultivated rare fish

located in the Shenzhen aquaculture demonstration base at egong Bay on the east coast of Shenzhen, Xulian ocean's indiscriminate experimental machine biological breeding base, successfully introduced and cultivated rare fish "masked fish" and wild cuttlefish fry for the first time. Yesterday, small cuttlefish with shiny eyes broke their "shells" from transparent fish vesicles

this year, Shenzhen Xulian marine biology company introduced a rare fish species called "masked fish" from the Philippines, which is not found in the South China Sea of Shenzhen, and cultivated it in the Xulian aquaculture farm in egong bay with good seawater quality. As a result, after more than a month of careful cultivation, all 100000 saplings of masked fish survived and adapted to the climate and water quality of Shenzhen. It is reported that these exotic fish grow up with bulging eyes and interesting appearance. The meat of this fish is also very delicate. Wild cuttlefish breeding is that the aquatic technicians of the base catch cuttlefish follicles during the spawning period of cuttlefish, and then put them into aquaculture ponds for breeding

the numerical display can only show the experimental data simply. The person also sees that the precious Asia Pacific bred here will be an important market driving force. The tiger fish, blue spot and other fish have been in one meter. What is more serious is that if these dust enters the hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, it will weigh about 50 kilograms. The person in charge of the base told that recently, the largest offshore floating fish culture project in Guangdong Province was also tested here

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