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Shenzhen stipulates the period of cleaning and repainting of building facade paint

according to the new regulations of Shenzhen Municipality on the management of cleaning and renovation of buildings and public facilities (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) issued by the Shenzhen municipal government, the property management department will be required to regularly and timely clean and renovate the building facade, which will not increase the new burden on residents. Recently, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the municipal housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and the municipal legislative affairs office jointly held a press conference to clarify that the cleaning and renovation of building facades in Shenzhen will be legalized and normalized in the future. According to Huicong paint, according to the regulations, the objects of adjustment are all buildings and public facilities in the city. At the same time, the independent brands are facing a strong impact from foreign brands, which has affected the key areas of cleaning and renovation. The key areas are subject to key supervision, and the non key areas are subject to reference management. Among them, there are three forms of cleaning and refurbishment: regular cleaning and refurbishment, unified cleaning and refurbishment and timely cleaning and refurbishment

it is worth noting that the facade is made of glass curtain wall or metal plate. 9. Pay attention to cooling the projector after use Clean at least once a year; If the facade is made of brick curtain wall, stone curtain wall and other materials, it shall be cleaned at least once every two years; If the facade is sprayed with paint, it shall be cleaned at least once every 2 years; Paint beyond the shelf life should be repainted. Paint without shelf life should be repainted at least every 5 years. This also means that under the macro-control, the building exterior wall coating market, which has been somewhat "cold", will reach accurate data, which may usher in a long lost "spring breeze" with this policy

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