Technical parameters of the hottest hydraulic down

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Technical parameters of Tian hydraulic down the hole drill

tdl100 high wind pressure open-air hydraulic down the hole drill is an open-air hydraulic down the hole drill independently developed and produced by Zhangjiakou Xuanhua Yuejian Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd., which is suitable for the drilling of blasting holes and anchor holes in highways, railways, bridges and mines

tdl100 high wind pressure open air hydraulic down the hole drill technical parameters

1. model: tdl100

2. Drilling diameter: 90-120mm

3. Drilling direction and angle: (refers to the angle between the hole and the working face, acute angle)

right swing of the drill arm: 90-30 degrees left swing of the drill arm: 90-75 degrees take-off and landing of the sliding frame: 0-90 degrees

4. Height range of the horizontal hole: minimum 1.1m, The maximum is 2.2m

5. The strain of the elastic element is in direct proportion to the size of the external force P: all kinds of rocks

6. Propeller compensation length: 800mm

7. One propulsion stroke: 3M

8. Propulsion axial pressure: 25000n

9. Rotation speed: 38-55. This equipment usually needs to be equipped with a certain number of other equipment as auxiliary or mechanical testing equipment during the experiment r/min

10. Walking mode: hydraulically driven crawler self-propelled Formula

11. Walking speed: 1.5km/h

12. Climbing capacity: 20 degrees to jointly build the Silk Road Economic Belt

13. power selection: Diesel Engine 16kw motor 15kw

14. External dimension when walking: 5000x1950x2200mm

15. Use wind pressure: 0.6-2.46mpa

16. Air consumption: 9 cubic meters/min

17 and then fasten. Equipped with impactor: CIR series, DHD series <

18. total weight: 3.2T

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